Happening NOW: February 9, 2010

Giambrone's other girlfriend, Galloway's the morning guy, and TTC vids "unacceptable"

What’s happening February 9, 2010:

All the nitty gritty details of Adam Giambrone’s personal life (via sext messages), in particular the two women he was dating simultaneously, are no longer in the closet.

Looks like your Prius is about to get recalled.

Matt Galloway, who used to work here at NOW before going to Here and NOW is the guy pegged to replace Andy Barrie on Radio One’s Metro Morning.

The TTC’s union boss says recording transit employees who aren’t doing their jobs is unacceptable. Maybe that’s why a driver kicked off a camera wielding rider on Dufferin.

Finally, history nuts will appreciate that Google Earth has put up archival images of a devastated WW2 era-Europe.[rssbreak]

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