Happening NOW: January 13, 2010

Haiti's tragedy, Google vs. China and Pantalone for mayor.

What’s happening January 13, 2010:

It’s the worst earthquake to hit Haiti since 1770. The epicentre was just 16 km from Port-au-Prince. The Red Cross figures 3 million people are affected, and the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is facing a massive catastrophe the scale of which is still being gauged – but it looks like it could be one of the worst disasters ever seen in the Western Hemisphere.

If you’re following the Haiti disaster on Twitter, the New York Times has a good list of people to follow here.

A fight is brewing in China, at least online, where Google is mulling over the idea of abandoning their Chinese offices and site following email hacking. What’s certain is they’re no longer going to censor search results. It’s all broken down in their blog.

The fight over who does what when around NBC’s Tonight Show is a little crazy. Conan O’Brien said he’s not accepting a 12:05 am timeslot. Plenty of people on Twitter were taking sides, but the most bizarre supporter? Hitler.

Finally, in a press release issued early this morning, Joe Pantalone has officially registered as a candidate for mayor. Also officially up yesterday, another municipal election website – voteto.ca.[rssbreak]

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