Happening NOW: January 26, 2010

Heaps says no to payout, slipping out of tar sands and banning the dictionary

What’s happening January 26, 2010:

Adrian Heaps, the councillor who was set to have city staff pay his legal fees for circulating a Globe story defaming an election rival, says he’s not taking the roughly $65,000.

Positive moves around oil sands: Shell is backing off high-cost tar around Fort McMurray due to the high cost of extraction. This doesn’t mark the end of tar sands, but it’s a sign money pits are just as likely as gold mines in the business.

Ticketmaster has finally completed its merger with Live Nation – once a potential competitor. It’s supposed to make for more competition, but just about everyone knows Ticketmaster doesn’t go where it can’t screw you time and again.

A school district in California has gone ahead and banned the Merriam Webster Dictionary for objectionable content. “Oral sex” becomes further clouded in mystery. Coincidentally, a Toronto production of Romeo and Juliet was told to tone down the bawdy stuff for Nashville audiences.

Great news for shower traditionalists! It’s still better for the environment to take a normal five-minute shower than wipe yourself down with five body wipes.[rssbreak]

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