Happening NOW: January 5, 2010

Libraries get Wi-Fi, Facebook prorogue protest, and yet another decade defining list.

What’s happening January 5, 2010:

Good news from the Toronto Public Libraries. All of their 99 branches are now offering free Wi-Fi. The libraries also plan on offering more e-content and they want you to follow them on Twitter.

Sitting around in your pajamas? Mad about Stephen Harper’s cowardly prorogue? Sorry, you can’t make a Facebook group about it – that’s been done. You can, however, join the 25,000+ strong group before you get some cereal this morning.

The New Yorker took incredible portraits of world leaders at the U.N. recently. The operative word being “leader”, it’s nice to see our PM’s absent. He was probably at Tim Hortons anyway.

Now that the AGO’s King Tut exhibit has reignited your childhood fascination with ancient Egypt, you’ll like to know two new tombs have been uncovered. They have mummified eagles!

If reading another decade defining news item will make you barf, get a bucket ready for this chart thing that breaks a dozen categories into graphics that define each year.[rssbreak]

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