Happening NOW: March 11, 2010

Underpass park, Ianno-oh-no, and how use the Grateful Dead template to cash in on the net

What’s happening March 11, 2010:

Starting this May, the grey underpass underbelly of some West Don Lands nothingness will begin transforming into a waterfront park. Underpass Park, is all part of the push to convert the area into the 2015 Pan Am experience, which will try to put lipstick on the filthy, noisy elevated scars known as the Gardiner and DVP.

Uh no, Ianno! Remember Liberal Tony Ianno – the virtually immovable force who used to represent Olivia Chow’s Trinity-Spadina? He’s in some very hot water over some $7.6 mil worth of shares he allegedly manipulated. As the Ontario Securities Commission investigates, you have to wonder if his wife Christine Innes, who ran against Chow last time ‘round, knew about the possible abuses.

Loblaw is getting into the solar game, with plans to have panel on 100 stores. It’s a small step, tied to cashing in on the provinces feed-in cash, but it’s positive.

What does the internet have in common with a bunch of successful hippies, the Grateful Dead? Well, for one, money. All those free bootleg tapes were like a model for giving out for free what you can’t control anyway – a model used by Google to name an obvious one. Newspapers take note. “”Strategic improvisation”, another way of saying “give ’em something for free and they’ll buy some other stuff” doesn’t sound very cool, but it clearly worked for the Dead.

And to top it all off, now they’re giving away their archives to the University of California at Santa Cruz, where you can actually study the band.

Finally, at Wal-Mart, a black Barbie is worth half of a white Barbie.[rssbreak]

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