Happening NOW: March 12, 2010

HarperTV, Reuters rules for Twitter, and Dutch nurses say "no" to sexual favours

What’s happening March 12, 2010:

What a dick Stephen Harper is. This time he’s using Canada’s Olympic success (which is technically something Paul Martin initiated) to “prove” he’s getting things done in Afghanistan and with our shaky economy. You can hear all the boasting on YouTube, and ask him questions he won’t answer. Hey! It’s just like being a reporter in Ottawa.

While the Olympics are thankfully over in Vancouver, London is just getting ready to throw people’s rights out the window. For 2012, police there will have the power to search people’s homes, seize posters and prevent citizens from carrying non-sponsor items. But hey, what’s the loss of a few civil rights when you’re cheering on a fascist-run marketing bonanza.

Is Reuters a little worried about Twitter? Well, they’ve printed social media guidelines for their reporters that say “don’t scoop the wire”, and say all kinds of scary things about how Twitter could blow away your credibility – which is fair, especially if you’re planning on announcing Gordon Lightfoot’s death again.

Great news if you’re a professional athlete! Toronto is apparently the perfect place to get wasted and cut loose as the Wall Street Journal reports.

Finally, Dutch nurses will not be giving out handjobs (or other sexual favours) to disabled patients and they’ve taken out ads to make sure you know.[rssbreak]

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