Happening NOW: Nov. 23, 2009

Tokens frozen, Tut time, Street Health rally, and start kissing.

What’s happening on November 23, 2009.

The TTC’s five token limit has ended. The downside is you can now buy zero tokens. Yes, it’s back to handy tickets – so useful when you need to get through an automated turnstile. Unrelated, and it probably won’t take away your anger, but the 501 Queen streetcar is back to traveling the whole route just in time for deep freezes.

Today at noon, OCAP and The Friends of Street Health host a rally at the Dundas and Sherbourne Street Health location to stop the removal of long time front-line worker and activist Gaetan Heroux.

Cute, cuddly, koalas could be gone in 30 years. Half of the little guys already have Chlamydia, koala AIDS – called KIDS – is adding to their trouble, and yes, people keep trying to build highways around them.

Saw King Tut yesterday. Sort of. I just had it in my head that there’d be a corpse, and there certainly wasn’t. In any case, the AGO exhibit is impressive, opens tomorrow, and you should go, seeing as Egypt doesn’t prostitute their treasures everyday (it’s taken Tut 30-years to return to T.O.).

Lastly, take note Europeans, creepy dudes and my girlfriend when she’s mad: kisses on the cheek are more hygienic than handshakes.[rssbreak]

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