Happening NOW: Nov. 26, 2009

Chuck Norris vs. Earth, top-ten peeves, and Patton Oswalt's Xmas shoes.

What’s happening Nov. 26, 2009

Traffic safety cop Tim Burrows released a yawner of a top-ten list on driver pet peeves. Where’s the pedestrian and cyclist list? None from Burrows – maybe because the main complaint would be car drivers – but BlogTO did later list their own cyclist peeves.

If you happen to be near a TV at 8 pm tonight, CBC is airing a doc titled Carbon Hunters. It tries to figure out what carbon offset credits really do.

Chuck Norris has finally weighed in on Copenhagen, suggesting the danger of such a meet will create a new world order where America, as he knows it, will no longer exist. Another reason not to mess with Norris: he’s crazy dumb.

For people who are making this planet, particularly Toronto, a better place, here are this year’s Access, Equity and Human Rights Awards recipients. They were honoured yesterday at City Hall. Congrats, all.

Finally, Patton Oswalt (who’s on our cover this week) deconstructs Christian rock band Newsong’s song about Xmas shoes.[rssbreak]

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