Toronto Dance Profile: Jennifer Dallas


As part of this month’s Toronto Dance Theatre Digital Residency, we’re profiling prominent artists associated with Toronto’s contemporary dance scene. See all of the profiles here.

Name your favourite recent dance production.

Natural Order by Antony Hamilton. I found this work incredibly moving, Antony seamlessly melds an intricate sound score with, dynamic dancing. 

What’s one dish or drink from a Toronto restaurant that you cannot do without?

This time of year, it’s an old fashioned at a cozy bar. 

Where is your favourite place to go out dancing in the city? 

Turning Point parties.

How do you feel contemporary dance in Toronto is changing? 

There is a beautiful surge of independent voices rising to the forefront of the Toronto dance scene. 

Is there a choreographer that you find especially inspiring right now? 

I am particularly inspired by choreographers who are playing in the cracks between disciplines. 

What drew you to The Glass Fields Project? 

I was inspired by the roster of choreographers that Christopher House put together. There is a beautiful balance of established and emerging artists on the bill. I also think it was a great idea to use the classic work Glass Houses as a seed for the creation of an evening of dance. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate 50 years and move into the future. 

What’s it like to collaborate with Toronto Dance Theatre?

It’s a pleasure. I have been walking into 80 Winchester for 16 years and every time I do, in whatever capacity – performer, teacher, costume designer – I am always inspired by something that is happening. It is a thriving creative space. 

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