Ontario can expect a delayed and rainy transition into spring

A rainy day in Toronto. (Courtesy: Unsplash/ Matthew Henry)

The spring almanac reports are in, and Canada can expect a late start to warmer weather.

There’s no need to hold out for Groundhog Day because winter is staying for longer than many of us would like, according to the Farmers’ Almanac 2023 report

The annual periodical uses mathematical and astronomical formulas, such as examining the sun’s activity, the moon’s tidal action and the positioning of the planets to make long-term weather predictions. 

Last week, Ontario experienced one of few snowstorms so far this winter and 20 cm of snow fell from Wednesday into Thursday. After fastening our coats and shovelling our driveways, we can begin to look forward to less snow and more rain.

The Farmers’ Almanac claims Canadians should brace themselves for a “turbulent transition to warmth” but anticipates near-normal temperatures throughout April, May and early June. 

Conditions in Québec and the Maritimes are forecast to be drier than usual while temperatures around the Great Lakes in Ontario will see April showers that will hopefully bring May flowers. 

Gearing into the summer, during the June solstice and into July, expect extreme heat, humidity, unstable air trigger showers, thunderstorms, and even a twister is a possibility in central and eastern Canada. 

But if you’re not convinced by the Farmers’ Almanac predictions, famous groundhogs in North America will come out of their burrows on Thursday to predict when spring will arrive based on whether they can see their shadow or not.

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