>>>Fringe Review: Morro And Jasp Do Puberty



Tarragon Theatre Mainspace

Rating: NNNNN

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Clown sisters Morro (Heather Marie Annis) and Jasp (Amy Lee) bring one of their earlier shows, Morro And Jasp Do Puberty, back to the Toronto Fringe before they take it to the Edinburgh Fringe.

If you want proof that these two are some of the best clowns in the country, check out this beautifully timed and paced show, co-created with director Byron Laviolette.

Sibling rivalry, teen crushes and fantasies, the awkwardness of a school dance, the horror of a first period and the concern of not yet having it are all explored in comic and ultimately touching fashion in the show, which follows the insecure Morro and the bossy Jasp as they move uncertainly into womanhood.

The chemistry between Annis and Lee has never been stronger, and there are some finely rendered set pieces, including one in which scoring on the soccer-baseball field and with a boyfriend are nicely juxtaposed.

Even if you’ve seen the show before, Puberty is worth checking out again for its great laughs, great warmth and great heart. 



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