Four boozy slushies to try in Toronto this summer

These four restaurants are putting new twists on frozen summer favourites

Two frosé drinks from Cactus Club Cafe
Courtesy of Cactus Club Cafe

As teenagers, my friends and I would buy slushies at 7-Eleven and spike them en route to whatever revelry we were getting up to that day. Although I have a nostalgic soft spot for mild debauchery, crouching in an alley to pour a mickey of vodka into a slushie doesn’t feel like the most becoming behaviour anymore. Which is why it’s great that restaurants are now serving boozy slushies pre-mixed (so I can feign maturity). Here are four spots to go for a nice, cold brain freeze.

Cactus Club Cafe

It’s no surprise that a place known for showing NBA and NFL games and serving elevated pub food would do killer boozy slushies. Out of all the spots on this list, they have the most options. Cactus Club is really leaning into frosé this year with three different takes on the frozen rosé slushie. There’s the basic one with rosé, soda, vodka and a lemon wedge and more fruity versions with vodka, strawberries, elderflower and lemon or with Aperol, elderflower, strawberries, honeydew and mint. Plus, they also have the classics like frozen bellinis.

77 Adelaide West,

A frosé surrounded by flowers from Grape Crush
Courtesy of Grape Crush

Grape Crush

This new bottle shop from the team behind SoSo Food Club opened last year and quickly became known for affordable natural wines. This summer they launched a frosé (it seems the trend is here to stay) made with rosé from local Ontario winery Green Lane, strawberries and lemon juice. To give it more of a punch you can add a shot of either strawberry gin or grapefruit vodka.

1166 Dundas West,

The frozen piña colada Rhum Corner.
Courtesy of Rhum Corner

Rhum Corner

They’re not orderable online at the moment, but if you swing by in person the bartenders at Rhum Corner will make you one of their iconic frozen cocktails. They’re currently offering their Hemingway made with white rum, maraschino, grapefruit, lime and a grapefruit wedge and their pina colada with a blend of Caribbean rums, pineapple, coconut cream, lime and garnished with a maraschino cherry.

926 Dundas West,

Mangganda from Saints Island
Courtesy of Saints Island

Saints Island Pies

This pizzeria opened last year and quickly became known for their Filipino take on Detroit deep dish. (It’s also one of our favourite new restaurants.) They’ve added a similar flare to the quintessential summer thirst quencher with two flavours: Tita Bell and Mangganda. The Tita Bell is like an upgraded bellini with peach slush, white wine sangria, calamansi syrup and rum. The Mangganda (which translates to beautiful mango) is made with mango slushie, ginger syrup, calamansi syrup and gin. They offer both without alcohol if you want a bit of tropical flavour without the bite.

1665 Dundas West,


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