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When i looked at the testing at Stopthestomachflu.com it seemed like it was incorrect to say 99% of bacteria can be rinsed out of a rag. It required boiling for 10 minutes to remove the bacteria. Interesting for me to look at the tests.

Elizabeth 135 days ago

J'ai acheté le foulard optique 305 206 et en nettoyant les lunettes de mon mari, les verres se sont tous égrattignés. Je crois que vous êtes au courant de la situation et je compte avoir de vos nouvelles. S'il n' y a pas dédommagement de votre part, je compte publier et décrier lla situation avant qu'il y ait d'autres cas semblables.J'attends de vos nouvelles.


Diane Houle 289 days ago

Type of silver

Norwex uses microbial silver. It's no secret. All you have to do is call the 800#. As they are open five days a week, it's curious that you write on a regular basis with a known deadline yet didn't make time to contact Norwex prior to or during your writing process.

J Cowel 200 days ago

can norwex washcloth scratch skin

ihave used the washcloth several times a day just water and soak in boiling water for a few minutes after each use to be sure clean. I am homebound and everytime I use the bath room like to use it to wash my bottom . after a couple of months behind thigh near buttom felt burning and found huge scratches scabe d over . puzzled I stoped using cloth it is healing . I do hav e lots of allergies wondered if silver in it can be a problem I liked using just water.

Nancy Cuseo 112 days ago

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