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Just a heads up norwex doesn't use nano silver

From: noreply@norwex.com
Silver Q & A


1. Does the silver in our Microfiber disslove over time?

The unique technology that Norwex uses in its BacLock microfiber products embeds our silver agent in each thread within the cloth. Using this technology helps to significantly extend the life of our Norwex Microfiber over other antibacterial agents that simply "coat" the outside of the thread.

Over the lifecycle of the Norwex microfiber (a minimum of 2 years), the small amount of silver (less than 1mg) in the cloth gradually breaks down and some of it is washed away. This amount of silver is very small. In fact, it actually amounts to the same quantity of silver that you may consume from your food over a 30 day period of time. Silver is typically found in food and drinking water and to a lesser degree, in the air we breathe.

We are very comfortable with the safety profile of the Norwex silver agent- it is the same agent used to produce material that comes in contact with food and medical equipment. And it is considerably less harmful than the household chemicals that would otherwise be in the environment and in your home if you were using chemical based cleaners rather than microfiber and water.

2. What is micro silver? Microsilver is silver where the particles have a particular micron size- 10-6 m. This is not nano silver, where particles are 10-9 or smaller.

3. How is micro silver different from what is in the Earth? Microsilver is very fine silver and has the same composition as pure silver found in nature.

4. Why are we comfortable with the dissolution of silver from our microfiber? The dissolution of silver from the Norwex microfiber is very small- less than 1 mg over the entire life of the microfiber. By comparison, we consume that amount of silver- naturally found in our water and food- over the course of 30 days.

5. If someone has an allergy silver, can they use our microfiber? Allergy to silver (jewelry) is mostly because of another element in the jewelry, namely nickel. However as with any allergy or potential allergic reaction, if someone has an allergy to silver, we would not recommend using our microfiber unless they had consulted their physician for approval.

6. Is the silver agent EPA approved? Yes, the silver agent is also an EPA approved antimicrobial additive for self-cleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and/or mildew growth within the product.

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Leslie 44 days ago


When i looked at the testing at Stopthestomachflu.com it seemed like it was incorrect to say 99% of bacteria can be rinsed out of a rag. It required boiling for 10 minutes to remove the bacteria. Interesting for me to look at the tests.

Elizabeth 328 days ago

J'ai acheté le foulard optique 305 206 et en nettoyant les lunettes de mon mari, les verres se sont tous égrattignés. Je crois que vous êtes au courant de la situation et je compte avoir de vos nouvelles. S'il n' y a pas dédommagement de votre part, je compte publier et décrier lla situation avant qu'il y ait d'autres cas semblables.J'attends de vos nouvelles.


Diane Houle more than 1 year ago

Type of silver

Norwex uses microbial silver. It's no secret. All you have to do is call the 800#. As they are open five days a week, it's curious that you write on a regular basis with a known deadline yet didn't make time to contact Norwex prior to or during your writing process.

J Cowel more than 1 year ago

can norwex washcloth scratch skin

ihave used the washcloth several times a day just water and soak in boiling water for a few minutes after each use to be sure clean. I am homebound and everytime I use the bath room like to use it to wash my bottom . after a couple of months behind thigh near buttom felt burning and found huge scratches scabe d over . puzzled I stoped using cloth it is healing . I do hav e lots of allergies wondered if silver in it can be a problem I liked using just water.

Nancy Cuseo 306 days ago

Norwex body cloth

Hi Nancy Cuseo, I have been using the Norwex body cloth for over 8 years and love it! I have heard testimonials of Consultants that joined Norwex to share their products because after using the body cloth their skin cleared up when they had tried everything else and it didn't work.

Carol Harris 190 days ago

have you heard of ENJO

Nancy have you heard of ENJO? ENJO fibres do not use silver it is just water and fibers removing the dirt germs and bacteria pore deep. It is the only product certified to remove the dirt pore deep. Please check it out www.enjo.com. I would hate to see you go to a chemical.

Sarah collins 156 days ago

What type of cloth are you using on your bottom

Are you using the body cloth or the enviro cloth ? Because the enviro cloth will wash skin away hence your sore bottom!!

Leslie 44 days ago

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