What to watch on Crave in December 2020

We go deep into the December 2020 Crave schedule to find the most anticipated titles hitting the streaming platform this month.

What we can’t wait to watch

Let Them All Talk

Well, 2020 can’t be that bad if there’s a new Steven Soderbergh movie. And this one’s a comedy! Meryl Streep, who played a pivotal (and, some might say, ill-advised) dual role in 2019’s The Laundromat, plays a celebrated author forced to reckon with her past choices while on a splashy cruise with her friends and relations, who are played by the likes of Candice Bergen, Gemma Chan, Dianne Wiest and Lucas Hedges. Of all the genres Soderbergh has explored over the decades, he’s never done anything like this before – unless there’s a secret heist movie hiding inside. Maybe there is! That would be the greatest twist of all! December 10

Your Honor

It’s been seven years since Breaking Bad wrapped up its story – which means it’s high time Bryan Cranston got back to making questionable moral decisions in the name of family. That’s the hook of Showtime’s new limited series, which casts Cranston as a New Orleans judge trying to protect his son (Hunter Doohan) from the consequences of a hit-and-run. Naturally, this leads to a whole pile of unexpected consequences, up to and including a beef with married mob bosses (Michael Stuhlbarg and Hope Davis). Ten episodes of Bryan Cranston furiously proclaiming his righteousness while digging ever deeper holes for himself and his kin? Bring. It. On. December 6

40 Years A Prisoner

Tommy Oliver’s documentary about the clash between Philadelphia police and the revolutionary MOVE commune is hitting HBO Max after playing at TIFF a couple months ago. After a police officer died in a 1978 raid, nine members of the group – all of them Black – received lengthy prison sentences. This film alternates between an archival account of past events and present-day interviews with Mike Africa Jr., who delves into the siege. After being relegated to the history books, the story of MOVE is getting a lot of attention this year. It also featured in another TIFF title, The Inheritance. December 3


Two special episodes of the Drake-produced, Sam Levinson-directed HBO teen drama will bridge seasons one and two. The first episode will follow Zendaya’s relapsing Rue over the Christmas holidays. Details of the second episode haven’t been announced yet. Earlier this year, Zendaya became the youngest person to win an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a drama series for her role on the show. December 6

Letterkenny (season 9)

Look, at this point you either get Letterkenny or you don’t. After eight seasons and a bunch of holiday specials, Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney’s cult Canadian comedy is entirely its own thing, a turducken in overalls filled with high-speed arguments, deadpan insults and carefully calibrated eccentricities spread out among an increasingly large cast. This year, according to Crave’s press release: “Katy takes her scorched-earth dating strategy back to Letterkenny and Gail gets some action of her own. Meanwhile, the Hockey Players learn about Judaism and the whole town gets really into sleepover activities like movies, board games, and girl talk… and Tanis (Tiio Horn) starts her own energy drink.” If you know this show, you’ll know why that’s funny. And if you don’t, you’ve got about a month to get caught up. Pitter patter. December 25

The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

“There’s nothing else to say about the Bee Gees except they’re fucking awesome,” says Justin Timberlake in the trailer for this doc about the British-born sibling trio who dominated the charts and airwaves in the 70s. The film follows their career and also looks at the phenomenon of sibling music acts, with archival footage, rare recording session clips, home movies and a ton of new interviews. December 12 at 8 pm

A still from the movie the Photograph, hitting Crave in December 2020

Solid bets

The Photograph

Want to see a great grown-up romance? Stella Meghie’s sultry, subtle drama pairs Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield as Mae and Michael, lovers drawn together by her past, and brings out the best in both actors. Rae is reserved and cautious, her distance working to pull us in closer, while Stanfield has a presence and confidence that recalls the young Brando. Shifting back and forth between New Orleans and New York City – and shuffling time to show us a few key moments in the life of Mae’s mother Christine (Chanté Adams) decades earlier – Meghie crafts a movie about small moments between people that can define entire lives, finding echoes and points of connection that sync up elegantly. This will be perfect viewing for one of those snowy, chilly evenings between Christmas and New Year’s. Savour it. December 18

Felicity (seasons 1-4 )

Nostalgia watching is helping us get through the pandemic – how else to explain the popularity of all those reunion shows? Now the J.J. Abrams/Matt Reeves series about the eponymous college student (Keri Russell) who’s torn between dreamboat Ben (Scott Speedman) and nice guy Noel (Scott Foley) is around to provide comfort during the long winter months. December 25

Full list of new titles available on Crave in December 2020 by date.
The + symbol indicates a TV show or movie that is only available on Crave+ . The * symbol indicates a TV show or movie that is only available with the Starz add-on.

TV shows

December 1

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 34, episode 46-50)

A Russell Peters Christmas

December 2

The Voice (season 19, episode 12-13)

December 3

12 Dates Of Christmas (season 1, episodes 4-6)+

The Flight Attendant (season 1, episodes 4-5)+

My Gift: A Christmas Special From Carrie Underwood+

December 4

Denis & Me (season 1)

Disasters At Sea (season 2)

Game Of Clones (season 1)

Mighty Trains (seasons 1-2)

Ridiculousness (season 17)

Star Trek: Discovery (season 3, episode 8)

W5 (season 55, episode 10)

Warrior (season 2, episode 10)+

December 6

Euphoria Special: Trouble Don’t Last Always+

Murder On Middle Beach (season 1, episode 4)+

Power Book II: Ghost Part 1 (season 1, episode 6)*

The Reagans (season 1, episode 4)

Shameless (season 11, episode 1)+

Your Honor (season 1, episode 1)

December 7

Axios (season 3, episode 20)+

His Dark Materials (season 2, episode 4)+

December 8

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 34, episode 51-55)

December 9

The Voice (season 19, episode 14-15)

December 10

12 Dates Of Christmas (season 1, episode 7-8)+

The Flight Attendant (season 1, episode 6-7)+

December 11

Holmes: Next Generation (season 1)

Howdytoons: Dinostory  

Star Trek: Discovery (season 3, episode 9)

Tacoma FD (season 2)

Wild Bear Rescue (seasons 1-3)

December 13

Couples Therapy: The COVID Special (season 1, episode 10)

Howards End (season 1)*

Power Book II: Ghost Part 1 (season 1, episode 7)*

Shameless (season 11, episode 2)+

Your Honor (season 1, episode 2)

December 14

His Dark Materials (season 2, episode 5)+

December 15

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 34, episode 56-60)

December 16

The Voice (season 19, episodes 16-17)

December 17

The Flight Attendant (season 1, episode 8)+

December 18

Corner Gas Animated (season 3)

Geordie Shore: Their Story (season 1)

My Magic Pet Morphie  

Star Trek: Discovery (season 3, episode 10)

December 20

Power Book II: Ghost Part 1 (season 1, episode 8)*

Shameless (season 11, episode 3)+

Your Honor (season 1, episode 3)

December 21

Double Your Dish: Home For The Holidays – Holiday Feast For Days  

Double Your Dish: Home For The Holidays – Ginger All The Way

His Dark Materials (season 2, episode 6)+

December 22

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 34, episode 61-65)

December 25


Dog’s Best Friend (season 2)

Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet (season 1)

Felicity (seasons 1-4)

Letterkenny (season 9)

Star Trek: Discovery (sseason 3, episode 11)

December 27

Power Book II: Ghost Part 1 (season 1, episode 9)*

Shameless (season 11, episode 4)+

Your Honor (season 1, episode 4)

December 28

His Dark Materials (season 2, episode 7)+

December 29

The Bold And The Beautiful (season 34, episodes 66-70)


December 1

Bad Santa*


December 2

Adventures In Public School*

Baby God+

Bernie The Dolphin+

Bernie The Dolphin 2+

December 4

Alio’s Journey – The Amazing Odyssey Of A Newborn

Exodus: Gods And Kings*

Impractical Jokers: The Movie+

The Hunt+

Man On The Moon*

V For Vendetta*

December 8

40 Years A Prisoner+

Long Hot Summers: The Story Of The Style Council

December 9

Alabama Snake+

Paws P.I.+

Puppy Swap: Love Unleashed+

Right Kind Of Wrong*

December 10

Let Them All Talk+

Silent Night: A Song For The World

December 11

From Paris With Love*

Mirror Mirror*


Think Like A Dog+

Valley Girl+

December 12

The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart+

December 16

The Art Of Political Murder

Last Night (1998)*

Monsters At Large+

December 18

All Is Bright*

Alpha & Omega*


Four Kids And It+

Furry Vengeance*

The Photograph+

December 22

Under The Grapefruit Tree: The CC Sabathia Story+

December 25


Cinderella Man*

Fast Times At Ridgemont High*

The Hurricane*

I Still Believe+

Pride And Prejudice*

Trolls World Tour+

December 26

Dirty Dancing*

December 27


December 29

2 Fast 2 Furious*

Fast & Furious*

Fast & Furious 6*

Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift*

Fast Five*

December 31

John Wick+

John Wick: Chapter 2

Last Chance

Movies and TV shows leaving Crave in December 2020.

December 2

How To Change The World

December 5

60 Minute Sports (season 4, episode 12)

Shut Eye (season 1-2)

December 6

Falls Around Her

December 10

Jeff Beck: Still On The Run  

December 11

Agnostic Front: The Godfathers Of Hardcore

Tall Tales From The Magical Garden Of Antoon Kings

December 12

GG Allin: All In The Family

December 12

The Heart Of Christmas

Miracle On 34th Street (1947)

December 13

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch: Loud Krazy Love

December 15

Chernobyl Diaries

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part  

December 16

Radio Silence

December 19

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

December 20

Sommore: A Queen With No Spade

December 22

Rock Of Ages

December 23

A Dog’s Way Home
Holmes & Watson  

December 26

The 3rd Annual Howie Mandel Stand-Up Gala

December 27

Isn’t It Romantic

December 30

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

December 31


Attack The Block  

Battle: Los Angeles

Best Friend’s Betrayal

Blade Runner

Blood Diamond  

The Bounty Hunter

The Cable Guy

A Christmas Carol (1951)

Chronically Metropolitan

Enough Said



Green Book

Happy Death Day 2U

High Plains Drifter

I Am All

The International

The Kids Who Would Be King

Legion (2010)

Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Mighty Planes (season 3)

Miracle On 34th Street

Motive (season 4)

Murder Rap: Inside The Biggie & Tupac Murders

Nancy Drew

Napoleon Dynamite

The National Tree

Peppa Pig (season 2)

Premium Rush

The Purge

Raising Arizona

A Russell Peters Christmas

The Scandalous Lady W


Sherlock Holmes

Where The Truth Lies


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