White Lies

To Lose My Life (Polydor)

Rating: NN

Comparing White Lies to Joy Division is like Alan Partridge saying Wings were the band the Beatles could’ve been. In fact, to suggest these gloom-dealing Brits have any connection to JD other than thievery might invite Ian Curtis to haunt your nightmares until you carve the word Closer into your chest with a rusty razor blade.


Songs like Death and Nothing To Give are strident due to big production and well-placed hooks. But commercially geared goth is so much more hideous than the real thing because it wants to be palatable and accepted. White Lies aren’t fooling anyone they’re ecstatic to be alive and under the direction of record label suits who have surely promised them immortality.

Top track: Farewell To The Fairground

White Lies play Lee’s Palace on Tuesday (March 31).

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