Nothing beats a night with Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde

The Pretenders rocked, and Nicks drew from her "black gothic trunk of mysterious and fantastical things"



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Chrissie rocked but Stevie was a snore fest

I feel totally ripped off and was so bored we left early. Chrissie was great and in good voice.

Shelley Langill 5 days ago

Chrissie Was a Hard Act To Follow

I was so sick of the babble from Stevie Nicks - she should've sang more and babbled less. It was torture at times. I actually went to the bathroom and she was still babbling 5 minutes after I returned.

Pam 6 days ago

Stevie isn't the boss

The pretendes as I expected had my wife and I up dancing. Stevei nicks...not so much. Boring banter, to many unrecognizable songs. Not sure what concert this reviewer went to but my assessment of the crowd was that they werw bored to tears 40 mins into her set

Jerry 6 days ago

Chrissie awesome, Stevie a bore

The Pretenders rocked it out. Stevie was a complete bore. If she does not want to play her hits, she should not tour. Though her voice was spot on and her band excellent, she put on one of the most boring concerts I have ever seen, to the point of almost falling asleep. I have seen over 150 concerts and she made the longest and most unnecessary band introductions ever. I found it to be the most self serving of performances with her ongoing banter. The only highlights were the duet with Chrissie and closing with "Landslide" which she did not seem to want to perform, but thankfully her band leader won that argument, otherwise we may have been forced to listen to another one of her songs that was not good enough for her earlier albums, but for some reason she felt were good enough to torture her paying fans with.

Murray K 7 days ago

Chrissie awesome,Stevie a bore

Your comment was "spot on". I quietly claim to be the biggest Stevie Nicks fan on the planet...however, I walked away from Tuesday nights performance feeling exactly as you described. I was almost uncomfortable at on one point as she she turned with no music playing and said she would be back....Concerts used to have the crowd cheering,standing on their feet, and wanting more, but I felt I did not want more of what we were getting, which was as described by you, as a lot of second rate songs and too much talking. This woman is a living legend and in my opinion, there is no other recording artist that matches her beauty, talent, and star status...but I think what I witnessed at that concert was a sign if the times....rock & rock may be fading genre.

Paula 6 days ago

I guess you are not really a fan...

I saw Stevie in Philly. if you did not enjoy Stevie's set, then you are only a casual fan. I LOVED and knew every single song she sang ( except for the New Orleans song) and was so happy that she did not sing Dreams or Landslide or any of the ones I am SO SICK of hearing. Opening with Gold and Braid was awesome!! Stevie has an amazing repertoire that does not only consist of Landslide, Dreams, and Rhiannon. You should give her other songs a chance you are missing out. I've seen her probably 10 times since 1997 and this was her best concert!

Teresa 6 days ago

I guess your really not a fan

Just for the record, I have followed, listened, sang, and loved Stevie and Fleetwood Mac for almost 40 years. I have Every cd that both of these Artists have to offer, and appreciate every word and note that has been written by these tremendously talented people, and have seen both acts nearly double the times you have seen her. I indeed do have all the CDs from the chosen play list from the show, and was quite familiar with every song. The point of the comment was that I have never come away from a Stevie or Fleetwood Mac show disappointed, however, this time I just was. Times have changed, rock & roll has changed, and that was my only point. I will never loose respect for this lady and the legend of her music, but with all the talking that happened that night, which could have been saved for a magazine interview the time we had with her could have been more about the music. You also stated that your "SO SICK" of hearing her classic songs....try her and Fleetwood Macs live versions of the songs to hear how these songs have grown with them and have become songs so much more deeper than the original recordings. Her 2007 cd, "Crystal Visions....the very best of Stevie Nicks"', has amazing live versions of Rhiannan, Landslide, and Edge Of Seventeen. Perhaps you may not be the so "Die Hard" fan as you claim to be, as she DID sing Landslide at the show, but being it was the final song.....perhaps you had already left the building.

Paula 6 days ago

I guess your really not a fan

I wrote that I saw her in Philly, and she did not play Landslide. I stayed until the very end until the lights went up and she ended with Leather and Lace. Heard all the live versions, have all the live versions of her standards. What songs specifically did you not like? I can't imagine a Stevie Nicks fan not enjoying this set..

Teresa 5 days ago


"Imagine"....over 7 billion people on the planet, and someone has a different opinion than you...And really, commenting on a concert you did not even attend?....conversation over...take care.....keep loving Stevie.

Paula 2 days ago


Stevie was awesome! Not sure what age the "bored" crowd came from, but maybe they should stay home and watch sponge bob next time?

Tony 3 days ago

Filled My BUCKET

It was Amazing for myself and my nearly 21 yr daughter to attend this concert. Miss Nicks has been a big part of my Life and I admire her so. I asked for this for my birthday and Christmas Gifts and I was so thrilled to dance and sing with so many. So many Memories for me. Thanks for a fantastic performance from both of these amazing Ladies. they both gave it all.... Thanks for the Music and Fun

Janice Scott 7 days ago

Incredible night

I go to a lot of concerts (seeing Head and the Heart tonight), but last night's show was one of the best I've ever seen. Stevie's voice was on point and it was refreshing to hear songs the songs she always wanted to sing live.

Drew 7 days ago

Right ON

It was so great for my pals & me. I loved all her yakking. Having seen Stevie a number of times, she was quite different last night: really engaged, re-invigorated, having as much fun as anyone there. Incredulous at her energy, and of Hynde's cool. They are the best versions of themselves on stage.

Julie Bot 7 days ago

Chrissie was great but didn't love Stevie

Chrissie Hynde was amazing - super vocals, great energy. Stevie Nicks was good but it felt like a lot of the energy left the room after a while. Too much talking, too much unknown material. Not saying I wanted a greatest hits parade but it was hard to stay engaged.

Stephanie 7 days ago

Stevie and Chrissie

They gave everything on the stage last night. I had to remind myself they are both in their 60's. Energy power and intelligence. Their message was "It only gets better" As I am getting "older too" it was something I was grateful to hear. Thank you

Tracey 7 days ago

This concert

I am seeing this in Vancouver on December 9th. I am so excited. I've seen Stevie a few times but never Chrissie or The Pretenders. Can't wait. Your comment just confirmed how great I think this will be.

Juliettemvp 7 days ago

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