>>> Steven Lambke


Steven Lambke has always been the calm, introspective presence within the uninhibited Constantines.

On his first solo release not under the Baby Eagle moniker, he forges deeper down that pensive path into places at once strange and comforting. Past Baby Eagle records employed heavy doses of twang, but Lambke now sounds more comfortable alone and quiet. On the harrowing Sunflower Mind, he explores romantic, Latin-influenced acoustic guitar. Even more harrowing is the Dylanesque A Good Light And Tired Feeling. Lambke slowly extracts every inch of love and other grit-laced emotions out of his short songs, just two and three minutes long. 

The constant is a love that Lambke not only sings about, but to. You’re left to speculate who or what it is, but we can be assured of one thing: he has dedicated his entire being to it, and in the process, his quiet, tender songs.

Top track: You Know Me Well

Steven Lambke plays the Mod Club Wednesday (November 11).



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