Letters To The Editor | June 14-20, 2018

Why Doug Ford's win is a lesson in democracy plus, bike lane rules are for cyclists, too.

The real problem with democracy 

Re How To Beat Doug Ford In Toronto (NOW, June 7-13). Thank you for promoting anti-democracy.

Strategic voting is anti-democratic: voting not for whom you want, but whom you don’t want.

I know the arguments of anti-Fordism, but really, a Ford win is a lesson in pushing to find a long-term change for the real problem: our voting system.

Changing it will remove at least some of the fear and lethargy (youth turnout) of voting.

As a former president of the Green Party of Ontario, yes, I might seem biased.

Mark Kozar, Toronto

Nicely done, Ontario

Welcome to Ford abomination. Four years of kids with high needs getting ignored, patients not getting decent care, unaffordable daycare, and low-income parents struggling even more than they are now. A racist, misogynist premier has power over 14 million people now. Nicely done, Ontario and our undemocratic electoral system.

David Quigg, Toronto

Setting PC record straight in Davenport  

Some incorrect information was published in your election coverage online regarding Davenport riding and my attendance at debates. I attended two out of three debates held in the riding, and was unable to attend one debate due to a previous commitment that evening that I was unable to change or cancel. 

Federico Sanchez, PC candidate for Davenport Riding

Exploitation the rule on music scene

I’d like to take the conversation on safety at music venues (NOW, June 7-13) a step further. Because let’s not forget that interpersonal abuse and exploitation among musicians is the rule, not the exception, and it takes hundreds of snakey, destructive forms. Their parasitic lifestyle makes these overwhelmingly male musicians really dangerous people to know. I lived it 20 years ago. And those guys are still out there. 

Martina Brosgall, Parkdale

Letter from a climate change cynic

After the crippling rage and ensuing cynicism I’ve harboured since Justin Trudeau’s electoral reform betrayal, I didn’t feel anything when I found out that he was planning to buy a $4.5 billion pipeline (NOW, May 17-23). 

How silly of me to think that in 2019, I would finally be able to vote for someone who would take our carbon budget seriously, and have it actually count toward something other than a tally of the other conscious voters who also wasted their ballot. 

When the PM went to Paris, he made a major commitment to the rest of the world on our behalf.  

I am 34 and live in Toronto. A large portion of my meagre pay cheque is depleted by riding expensive public transit, buying expensive vegan groceries and renting a tiny, overpriced apartment. But I don’t mind forking over the money because I feel like I am doing my part to help tackle climate change. This month I’ll bring my tent to protest Trans Mountain at Burnaby Mountain, along with some hard-earned cash I have set aside to help pay the salaries of those who will arrest and fine me when I get there.

Alykhan Pabani, Toronto

Bike lane rules for cyclists 

Unfortunately, letter-writer Matt Whitfield’s missive (NOW, May 31-June 6) urging drivers to respect bike lanes stated that bike lanes aren’t “turning lanes” for cars. In fact, if the bike lane line is dashed, cars may indeed merge into the bike lane to make a right turn, forcing bikes to pass in safety to the left of the turning car. 

Although this best practice would save many lives (i.e.: the recent death at Dundas and Jones), it’s sadly not well known or followed by drivers and cyclists.

Morty Fine, Toronto

Who trusts Facebook?

Why do so many news websites use Facebook as a log in for comments from readers? Nobody trusts Facebook.

Del Rokosh, Toronto

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