Seven ways Aquatech Waterproofing can help keep your home dry

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The very last thing that anybody ever wants to deal with is a leaky basement or a cracked foundation. Neglecting to address ill-functioning drainage systems, indoor leaks or foundation cracks may cause mold or, even worse, severe structural damage.

Thankfully, a Toronto and Hamilton-based waterproofing company offers seven services that can repair existing problems or prevent moisture-related issues from occurring. If you are seeking advice in regards to your basement or foundation, the experts at Aquatech Basement Waterproofing in Hamilton offer free consultations and service estimates.

Exterior Waterproofing

Folks who want to avoid dealing with leaks and floods in the future should consider waterproofing the exterior of their home. This service is specifically tailored to each house and it often includes the use of drain tiles and waterproof spray to seal any problematic cracks. 

Window Well Installation

Having protective wells installed on the exterior of your basement windows will ensure that sunlight can come in while moisture stays out. These wells are useful on windows located below grade as they keep basements and foundations dry and free from infiltration.

Interior Waterproofing

Sealing basement cracks to avoid internal leaks is one of the most critical aspects of the interior waterproofing service. By strengthening walls and controlling the flow of water within your home, you’ll never have to clean up puddles inside of your place.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps are responsible for removing the water from your basement out of your home. It sits in a large basin carved below the surface of your basement and has valves that monitor the pressure and water levels.

Aquatech Hamilton offers sump pump installation, reparation and maintenance services to ensure that your basement is protected during periods of heavy rain. The waterproofing company even carries pumps with Wi-Fi-enabled alarms so homeowners can be alerted immediately if the pump is overflowing. 

Foundation Parging

This service involves applying a coat of material to the exterior of a foundation to hide any imperfections, strengthen the surface and add extra insulation. 

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation cracks require urgent attention as they can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars if left untreated. If you’ve noticed any basement wall cracks, warped windows, sagging or bouncing floors, sticky doors or nails popping out, it’s time to enlist the help of Aquatech’s professional foundation repair contractors. For the full list of warning signs, click here

People who are hoping to avoid costly foundation issues should schedule regular home inspections so that minor problems can be addressed before they become worse. 

PVC Drain Installation

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) drains are more durable and resilient than typical plastic drainage pipes, which is why many homeowners are having PVC drains installed. The experienced team at Aquatech Toronto and Hamilton can help with replacing and installing these drains.

To receive a free waterproofing estimate, visit or call 416-300-2191.

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