Traditional dishes that you should serve at your Lunar New Year celebration

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The celebration of Lunar New Year will once again commence this February, marking the start of a New Year on the traditional lunisolar calendar. For two weeks, families carry out special traditions that say “goodbye” to the old year while bringing forth fortune and prosperity for the upcoming year – the year of the tiger.

But most importantly, it’s the perfect excuse to eat yourself into a food coma while spending time with your loved ones. 

Along with noshing on delectable Asian fare, Lunar New Year traditions also include dragon and lion dances, firework shows, and exchanging thoughtful gifts with others. The best celebrations end with a mouthwatering feast that’s worthy of a photoshoot before guests fill their plates.

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In addition to fresh coconut buns and roasted duck, T&T Supermarket is offering a selection of traditional Lunar New Year dishes that will leave guests pleasantly full. 

Menu must-haves

Pan cai is a layered seafood and meat dish that’s delicately presented in a large bowl. This savoury recipe is customarily consumed at Lunar New Year feasts as the high-quality ingredients symbolize prosperity and abundance. 

Squirrel fish is one of the most important symbolic dishes included in a Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner as the head and tail of the fish denotes a good beginning and end. When deep-fried and plated, the fish takes the shape of a squirrel, which gives the dish its unique moniker. 

Deep-fried crab claws are also an essential part of any memorable New Year’s celebration as the dish brings prosperity and fortune. Because deep-fried crab claws are a fusion-style dish, they’ll make a scrumptious treat for all of your friends.

Sides like dumplings, braised shiitake mushrooms, and longevity noodles can be great accompaniments to the traditional Lunar New Year dishes. 

And of course, no feast is complete without a sweet dessert that will tantalize your taste buds.  

During the festive season, rice cakes are a very sticky and popular treat made with glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. Eating a rice cake during the annual celebration is symbolic of growing taller, higher achievement and signifies a prosperous year ahead.

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