Black Futures Month

Editor Whitney French's book of creative non-fiction challenges the monolith of what it means to be Black in Canada Read more


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Samuel Engelking

An education program trying to remedy the tech sector's diversity problem also wants to ensure no one ever feels alone in the workplace Read more


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Samuel Engelking

Hosted by the Black Wimmin Artist collective, the dining performance added a monumental moment to a long timeline of reclamation Read more

Art & Design

Desmond Cole, Jill Andrew, Julie Crooks, Jah Grey and Twysted Miyake-Mugler are working toward a city free from anti-Black racism Read more

, , Culture

Entrepreneur Tamar Huggins wants to reverse Durham's brain drain and lay down a foundation for a Black future in tech Read more


From cinema and visual art to city politics and education, Black Torontonians are taking the reins as agents of our own change Read more