High Buys: The buzziest cannabis products right now

A frosty secret, a dreamy sativa, another special cut from BLLRDR and legacy hash make our roundup of the best in cannabis this month

Secret Mintz by Dunn Cannabis 

Weed lovers got a sneak peek of this frosty cultivar on social media last week. It’s not quite ready for the Canadian market, but the Abbotsford, British Columbia-based grower known for its small-batch, artisanal bud has a rep for setting a high bar. fiyer.ca 

Blue Dream by Spinach Cannabis (Peace Naturals Project Inc.) 

This sativa originally from California is known for its high THC content, but it’s the taste – a mix of earthy and blueberry – that is its most distinguishing feature. It may take a little getting used to as it’s not as sweet as other sativas, but you can enjoy the ride while you’re busy acquiring a taste for it. Suggested occasion: afternoon delight.

Wedding Cake by BLLRDR 

This indica-dominant strain known for its potency (22 to 27 per cent THC!) has been one of the most popular strains going in Canada. Now BLLRDR is offering a special cut of the strain as part of its entree into the recreational market last month. This one can reach up to 30 per cent THC thanks to its “robust” terpene profile – those are the oils that provide strains with their unique effects and aroma. Available through the Ontario Cannabis Store (ocs.ca) or Emblem Cannabis

 Legacy Hashish by Mood Ring (Neptune Wellness Solutions) 

The heydays of hash when bricks imported from Lebanon and Afghanistan were plentiful are (mostly) over now that there are fewer wars to fuel that trade. So, unless you know someone practiced in the art of making it, you’re out of luck when it comes to the legal market – scrapings from your pipe won’t cut it. But Mood Ring is trying to change that with this new offering. And by most accounts, it passes the taste (and texture) test.  


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