It’s Jamaican patty day and Toronto has a long history with the island’s favourite snack

Courtesy: Eden Hagos

Calling all patty lovers! Today is Jamaican Patty Day in Toronto and the city knows a thing or two about the island’s ultimate snack food.

For almost 40 years the city has been celebrating this day, Feb. 23, to commemorate the deliciousness of the savoury pastry. 

That’s why the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) invites Canadians far and wide to “sink their teeth” into a patty, and to do it for the culture.

“There’s no doubt Torontonians are incredibly passionate about Jamaica’s iconic snack food, and everyone has an opinion about who makes the best beef patty in town,” Angella Bennett, Regional Director, Canada, Jamaica Tourist Board said in a news release. 

It’s no secret the Jamaican culture and its Toronto community has shaped the city’s food scene and changed the game as we know it. 

And although the city is in constant disagreement about who makes the best patties, one thing we can all agree on is that all patties matter and come in different tastes and sizes. 

Whether you’re grabbing a patty from a humble convenience stand at a subway station or stopping by a family-owned bakery, you can’t deny the pull of the patty. 

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