Toronto alcohol delivery: Cocktail kits that bring the bar to you


While experimenting with cocktail ideas to pass the time during social isolation can be a unique mix of fun and dangerous, sometimes you just want a drink from your favourite bar. And while many of Toronto’s favourite spots are closed, some – taking advantage of new alcohol delivery regulations – have been offering up some quality concoctions for you to pass the time at home in style.


This bar is sending drink kits right to your door (with or without booze) via its in-house Dolly Trolley delivery service. The Island Stream Dream is described as “Like a poolside margarita if the bartender knew what they were doing” kits come with pear aperitif, fresh citrus and lime leaf and Tromba Tequila (or you can add your own). $20 for non-alcoholic kit, $50 with alcohol. Order at Deliveries made Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays between 6-10 pm, $40 minimum.

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It feels like a lot of us have been craving the Caribbean-Asian soul food from Patois lately. Tucking into one of their-family sized care packages (featuring Jamaican curry black tiger shrimp, a whole jerk chicken, beef patties, oxtail, and so much more) for several days – while enjoying the signature Rum Punch from head bartender Blaise Couturier – might damn well get you smiling. This kit comes with housemade syrup with ten different spices, a mix of fresh juices including guava, orange, and pineapple, and a selection of rum. $45. Order at

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Grey Tiger


The witchy cocktail bar by Dufferin station has officially started delivery kits to the public after road-testing them with a few regulars. The High Vibes kit serves four and is a bright and rather floral highball with Bombay Sapphire gin, IPA cordial, honey-grapefruit shrub, fake lime juice, lavender bitters, and topped off with Earl Grey kombucha. $45. Order at, delivery on Thursdays and Fridays.

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The team behind have put together an ever-changing weekly menu of cocktails and frozen dumplings. Fittingly, the Tame Impala, one of their most popular drinks, will remain on the menu in the form of a kit. A lovely mix of lime juice and ginger chai is provided with a bottle of Tromba Blanco. This kit, as well as others they’ll be serving, are designed to be made in a blender, so cocktail gear is not needed. Go for the frozen pork dumplings for a snack while you’re sipping. Menu at or Email to order. Orders must be placed by Thursday at noon, curbside dropoff deliveries on Fridays and Saturdays. $45 minimum.

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Project Gigglewater


As previously reported, this Dundas West cocktail bar has put together some COVID-inspired drink kits, available for sale through Instagram. Named for the toilet-paper-buying craze of March 2020, the Toilet Paper Greens is made with Bombay Sapphire gin, cucumber, lime, and topped off with some soda and mint. $60. Details on Instagram at @projectgigglewater, deliveries done Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

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Auld Spot Pub


One thing many of us have been missing while stuck at home: A well-made Caesar to nurse a hangover during brunch. Danforth pub The Auld Spot has got your back with a quality Caesar kit that makes a whopping 12 cocktails. The kit comes complete with Walter Caesar Mix, limes, rim seasoning, pickled vegetable skewers, horseradish, worcestershire sauce, Auld’s own in-house hot sauce, ice, and a 26er of Stoli. Would make a wonderful pairing with some of the Auld Spot’s oysters. $85. Menu at Email to order, Curbside pickup and delivery Wednesday-Saturday 5-8pm.

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Shameful Tiki


The Shameful Tiki is producing a new menu of cocktail kits every week that just need the suggested booze added. Arguably one of their most iconic drinks (and easily the most difficult to make at home), the Zombie comes in a 20 oz batch and just needs to be shaken with ice and 30 oz of your choice of rum. $18. Order via email at before Tuesdays at 6pm. Orders are pickup only Wednesday to Friday from 2-4 pm.


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