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Jodie + Marc Emery

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    Jodie Emery's marijuana mission

    She hasn't been afraid to cultivate her undeniable girl-next-door charm – or invite controversy – for the cause. Now, an escalating series of police raids that have shut down the Cannabis Culture chain of dispensaries she helped build may put her more

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    Project Gator marijuana raids lost in a legal swamp

    Really, the criminalization of sugar would have a better chance of being justified in court than marijuana more


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Cannabis Culture Fuck Project Gator Limited Edition T-Shirt

Project Gator Bites!

“Project Gator” is the code-name Toronto Police labeled the raids of Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensaries and the arrest of CC staff and leadership, including Jodie and Marc Emery.


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    Canada celebrates cannabis on 4/20, 2017

    This year, 4/20 celebrations take place at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto, Sunset Beach in Vancouver and Parliament Hill in Ottawa – as well as many other cities across the country. more