Ghost Drops launches Crypto Drops to celebrate popular legacy iconography and digitize the evolution of cannabis

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Cannabis brand Ghost Drops is launching a new NFT platform, Crypto Drops, establishing its place as a founder in the digital revolution of the cannabis industry. 

Ghost Drops will create NFTs of their highly-recognizable legacy strain art that, sadly, is not compliant with advertising guidelines in the legal market due to their use of illustration and cartoons. Instead of using the art for advertising and package design, they will put them up for auction on the Crypto Drops platform. 

Still cool, the original art is up for grabs as NFTs, allowing old and new fans of the brand to own a piece of Canadian cannabis history.

The Crypto Drops platform will also empower cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators to immortalize their own seed and strain creations as NFTs, while allowing them to sell at auction.

Can Cannabis Strain Innovation be Gamified? 

Apparently, yes. In the cannabis industry, the competition to develop and capitalize on the best strains has been the name of the game for some time. In a way, cultivating plants and crops is a tale as old as time. Yet, with advancing knowledge and genetic technology, it’s grown almost unfathomably complex. 

While legacy brands like Ghost Drops, who have worked with renowned geneticists over the last six years, may have an advantage over newcomers due to historical data and experience – technically, true genius can strike anytime. 

There is no reason why any cultivator out there couldn’t invent the next outstanding seed by chance. If that’s true, then why not gamify the experience and give all forward-thinking creators a shot at reaping the rewards? 

That’s exactly what the Crypto Drops platform will do. 

“Ghost Drops has been a cultural icon in Canadian cannabis. Now, we’re about to revolutionize banking, NFTs and crypto in this space,” says Gene Bernaudo, CEO of Ghost drops. “And for cannabis connoisseurs, collectors and gamers, I can’t wait for them to experience the new digital cannabis frontier we’re pioneering with Crypto Drops.”

The marketplace is a virtual, decentralized economy based entirely around cannabis growth and usage. Users can gamify the process of nurturing pot by creating their own one-of-a-kind digital strains that they will then own the rights to. 

How Crypto Drops and QNTMPAY are changing the industry

Ghost Drops is partnering with QNTMPAY to make this all possible, and convenient. With the QNTMPAY integration users don’t need to use cryptocurrency to purchase NFTs. Instead they are able to use more common and familiar methods such as debit, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and more. This makes it much easier to get started. 

Both brands are excited about the partnership. “Crypto Drops is going to transform the cannabis space, both in a cultural sense and also with how money changes hands. QNTMPAY is excited to be a part of this venture, as we bring our cutting-edge banking technology to this game-changing partnership,” says Adam Pearsall, founder of QNTMPAY.

“Globally, there’s nothing like this, but there’s a real appetite for it,” Bernaudo adds. 

“This is the digital future of cannabis.”

To learn more about Ghost Drops you can find them online at and on Instagram @ghostdropsofficial.

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