Tarotscopes: Your monthly horoscope for August


Aries Mar 21 – Apr 19

Feeling too blessed to be stressed, Aries? I love that for you. I feel like you saw an opportunity and ran with it! Congrats. However, the shadow of this Full Moon in Aquarius suggests the details of the contract are rather… entrapping. The money is there, but sadly the freedom is not. If you are focused on your relationship, that too has left you feeling cold. It looks like your partner, bestie or makeout buddy is away for business or the rest of the summer. Be aware of your own tenderness (read: neediness) and use the time for self-care, auto-erotic pursuits and cartooning rather than leaning into hedonism and inciting public brawls.
Aries’s cards: 7 of Pentacles & the Page of Cups

Taurus Apr 20 – May 20

Taurus!! Are you alright?! I cannot step sideways without finding a Taurus who is keeping some sort of karmic tragedy a secret (or losing a digit)! In a way, you’ve been carrying a lot of responsibility for months, and doing it with a smile. This gets tiresome. You’re learning a lot about others’ limitations and some people, even corporations, that you’ve really admired have revealed themselves to be extremely, disappointingly fallible. How can you enjoy high-end garments when your seamstress pal exposed all the shortcuts within the components? How can you relax in a fine bistro when you recognize that your own beurre blanc lobster raviolo is actually better, made at home, with a wooden spoon in your Gucci jammies? (And churning it out yourself keeps your credit card balance at zero?) What new goals can you set when all your competitors have either expired or revealed their own foibles? It’s a tough and dry cookie to swallow but please don’t do anything drastic, Taurus. Things are bad but they’re not going to stay that way. Dawn is breaking.
Taurus’s cards: The Tower & Justice

Gemini May 21 – Jun 20

The Twins really relish the summer. So many socializing and exercising opportunities – from traversing local food festas to racing a dinghy in the Blind Bay Regatta to a game of horseshoes on Praia do Cabedelo! You seem happy, Gem, in a goth kinda way. New info is allowing you to actually relax and be present when you’re not working. Some personal upsets and health woes have put you on alert, but remember Gemini, you are in the zone when you are coordinating. You’re really good at making a self-care schedule, or a chart for checking on Abuelo. Stay in the realm of duty. Can you make it a duty to journal before bed rather than disassociating? You’re in a place now where your nightmares can’t maim you, so you could actually rake through the ashes to find a message or the lesson, if you’re willing.
Gemini’s cards: Queen of Pentacles & Wheel of Fortune

Cancer Jun 21 – Jul 22

You know those people, Cancer, who, the more insecure they feel, the louder and more divisive they get? Don’t be that guy, Cancer. You’ve been on the edge of the blade lately. You had tickets for every one of the concerts that got cancelled. You may have even been on the coordinating committee for an event that face-planted. Don’t keep making noise about it. If you do, you’re going to end up in the centre of the story and realistically, this debacle is not your fault. Don’t explain, don’t defend, don’t set about clearing your name. You will just put the spotlight on yourself while other more responsible parties slink away scot-free. This month is about putting in seeds for the future, tending to your perfect skin and focusing on where you’ve been lucky. Your Gratitude Journal awaits, Crab-ella!
Cancer’s cards: 7 of Swords & 9 of Cups

Leo Jul 23 – Aug 22

You know how it’s your birthday month and everything is supposed to be starshine, backflips and laughter? It’s not really like that this time, Leo. Some pressure is upon you and you’re using your deepest Leo reserves to battle through. You might need to fight to protect your original idea, clear away the vultures and stay on the path towards greatness, or at least authenticity. While things at home are relatively stable, the way forward has just been decapitated by the budget. Is it worth creating an animated Heritage Minute with the artist’s voiceover (while said artist is still alive) or should you wait until you can create a full-length feature of this poet’s juicy tale? Time doesn’t last forever. Set relevant goals, Lioness – done and dusted is better than a perfect and unfinished.
Leo’s cards: 5 of Wands & 10 of Swords

Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22

You can’t kid a kidder, Virgo, and everyone knows you are NOT the one for jokes. But this post-pandy summer has been a welcome respite of travel and snogging by the fire. The cessation of problems in your vicinity has put you in the position of being a coveted resource of temperance, tenacity and advice. Exiting “the scene” was really your finest move. As usual, you’re excited for September and lining up for Trapper Keepers™ and German highlighters. As for your career, chum, things may be coming to the end of the road. It’s possible the hammer is dropping or maybe you’re about to do the unthinkable and make a quick exit. Take note of what lights you up, Mr Self-Sufficient, there’s no use signing up to write adverts for dog food when you don’t actually care about dogs. (Gasp!) You have enough seniority and clout to choose only the projects that illuminate you or at least make you chortle. We’ve all carried a bit too much for too long.
Virgo’s cards: Empress & 6 of Pentacles

Libra Sep 23 – Oct 22

Ooooh weeee, Libra! You know how everyone says you’re always harmonious and filibuster-free, well not in these cards right hurrrr. Truly, Libra goes between kind and blasé in any emergency to stubborn and immoveable about some basic colourway. Alright, things in your life are changing quickly. To you, it seems like the new-new could be a terrorizing version of the Upside-Down but in reality, it’s just A LOT at once. Make a plan that breaks the major parts into exciting and manageable pieces. You’re working with a lot of flexible geniuses – ask around! Get another set of eyes to look at your vision. You think you’re not ready? No one is ever ready! But if you are pliable enough to stay open, amenable to chatting with a mentor, even willing to attend an awkward gala in your Invisibility Cloak, then this could be good for you. You can do hard things, Libra. The obstacle is being too stodgy and trusting no one. Stay open.
Libra’s cards: Emperor & 10 of Wands

Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21

Work hard, grind harder, Scorpio. It looks like you’ve had about enough of jumping through hoops using the best of your honey-glazed manners in order to secure the deal. This tender scorpion needs idolatry and encouragement too, y’all! Well Stinger, you’ll have to attend to your own tenderness as you continue to climb that mountain. This month, some things are better done on your own, which brings up a boyish loneliness you didn’t know you still had. After that Aquarius Full Moon, it’s time to count your blessings instead of your transgressions, malocchio and other perceived curses. You’ve gotten very far based on warmth, consistency and a healthy sense of competition. Your strategy is good, tesoro. Don’t mess with a good thing.
Scorpio’s cards: Page of Cups & 3 of Wands

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21

Oh, Sage, I see you eyeing those Qatar Airways tickets just to grab a Talua coffee and, dear friend, that cafe is shuttered. I find it so endearing that when you heard Gatto Nero was gone, you decided you might go to Lucky Cat in Jakarta instead. Mmmm, alright. But I think you needn’t be so radical. What’s the reason for this obsession with exiting? Could it be that you’re aiming to be free of a certain problem in the centre of your life that’s starting to have a rather Looney Tunes quality. Bruh, this whack-a-mole issue is not going to skedaddle unless you surgically remove the nodule that’s feeding the problem. You don’t have to go ballistic but you need to get serious if you really want to level up. If there’s a salary cap at work or glass ceiling in your relationship, you should be the first to know, non? The problem is in your own yard, schatze, so a trip to Surabaya will not provide the fix.
Sagittarius’s cards: 4 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 19

Well Cappy, your wishes for autonomy have been granted. Be careful what you wish for! Sovereignty has its own challenges. It’s great to be the one making all the choices but shared muscle and a collaborative purse is also useful. Your insistence on keeping immorality at bay is more indignant than accurate. Fistbumps make the world go round, goaty. And there’s nothing like shared suffering to make friendships richer and keep your brain agile. Life is not merely the avoidance of tummy aches and potholes. Or driving to the ninth circle of hell to collect 25 cents. We must live, Capricorn! However, when life circles the drain, Cap tends to hang on more tightly to policy. Not a vibe. After months of shocks, you’re about to actually pull out a few wins. Let me tell you, you’re going to savour every snack like it’s Oysters Rockefeller. Remember you’re a soldier of love not money, Sharday.
Capricorn’s cards: 8 of Swords, Ace of Pentacles

Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18

Aquarius, there’s nothing stranger than a lonesome alien. Like when did you become E.T., little bluebird? But the upset is real. The fear is loud and I’m sorry you’re in such a way. It’s possible you never expected to miss the banal or to become attached to the vague quality of desperation in a vacant office. You’re going to have to work your way back from complete flexibility and agency into the arms of your beloveds. I wonder if you’re finally figuring out why everyone else was crying. Pragmatic acts of service will bring you joy and enfold you to those you admire. Take the path of drudgery you’ve so often avoided, and the story that you’re an impatient jet-setter will soon take its leave. But tenderness takes effort, Aquarius, and that’s the lesson. It’s not just for saccharine dummies. Love and family is the stuff of life.
Aquarius’s cards: 5 of Pentacles, 9 of Cups

Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20

Summer is really your jam, Pisces. Flowing shirts, face-framing tendrils, shimmering skin and day naps. What’s not to love? This time you got roped into something a little more confining than you had planned. While your overseer offers a lot of smiles and encouragement, you’re finding this “in captivity” thing is not for you. I think your fatherly advice got you shins-deep in a mess that’s not of your making. Be kind but assertive about your need for freedom, fancy phở  and restorative sleep. This slow exit should train you to create boundaries next time.
Pisces’s Cards: King of Cups, Fortitude

Blessed with a psychic gift, Erika Schweizenheimer (@miz_GoFish) has been working with tarot and astrology for over 15 years. You may seen her popping up as gofishtarot at local markets and posh fleas around town. Erika gives serious tarot clarity to legal eagles, segment producers, “comediennes,” diplomats, graphic designers and stay-at-home zaddies. 

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