Tarotscopes: Your monthly horoscope for July


Aries Mar 21 – Apr 19

Aries, are you feeling tender? Watch that! Tenderness seems to make you reactive, bro. In this case, there have been many shocks to the system of late. Are you merging forces with someone? Going against your own best interest and forming a partnership? First of all, remember: this is not a trick. Humans thrive in partnership. Even you, my hot tamale/habitual line-stepper/is this guy bothering you best friend. If you’re partnering with a true solid-gold go-getter; someone who’s got your back, you’re not losing anything. You’re getting a power pack. This will be a boost to your system if you’ve chosen well. While personal criticism can be overwhelming, this actually gives you more time and autonomy. At a certain point, you can’t do everything on your own. It’s time to level up.
Aries’s cards: The Tower & the Page of Pentacles

Taurus Apr 20 – May 20

Oh Taurus, I want to hold your hand and make it all go away. So much has been going on and you’ve been keeping your cards close to your chest, as you should. But man, it would be nice to unload some of the responsibility you’ve been shouldering. I could cry watching you, my tragic gurrrl. Let me tell you straight: this is hard and the mission is yours and yours alone. Remember that your eye is irreplaceable – there are certain things that only you will see so there’s no use hiring a proxy. Instead, I need you to know, this will end well, with a dollop of that good-good.
Taurus’s cards: Queen of Swords & Fortitude

Gemini May 21 – Jun 20

Oddly, Gemini is being called upon to “shut up!” If you can believe it?! In this case, that means you don’t need to make any sudden moves or unleash that PR megaphone. Whatever “chill” means to you, Gem, I advise you to do that. What’s not currently hectic will be in about a month, so get your house in order, plant the seeds for work or beach time away come Labour Day. Right now, no amount of plans will fill that hole in your heart. A new realization makes your vision of the world unclear, maybe even untrue. This shattering of the mirror is hard to swallow. If autonomy is what you wanted, you’ve got it. But sometimes it’s lonely at the top… or at the side.
Gemini’s cards: Priestess & 5 of Cups

Cancer Jun 21 – Jul 22

After a good many misunderstandings and disappointing plans, things are looking up for you, Cancer! This month promises to be much luckier than the last few. And you’re actually feeling embedded into your chosen crew. The only problem is your propensity to review the events of the past, find someone to blame, feel shame. Take this whole time period as an experiment. Rather than informing others how they’ve come up short, try to figure out the rhyme and reason to the stones you skip, Mr Krabs. Not every stone is going to make it across the lake. Not every business partner shares your goals. Believe people when they tell you, they’re not in.
Cancer’s cards: 9 of Cups & Page of Swords

Leo Jul 23 – Aug 22

Rawr, Leo, I can feel the tension between your need for summer fun and being tied to your laptop. Your chosen family bonds are on your mind but alas, you’re trapped in Oshawa liaising for a major conference, transposing the schedule into a document so that the translator, who has tinnitus, can transcribe the important bits. And all this is due, in Danish, by Monday. It’s enough to make a boi scream! This whole project feels ambiguous and possibly not worthwhile. However, we can always count on you, fierce lioness, to do your part and lead the pride. Leo season is coming and by then you’ll have a chance to machete the BS out of your way.
Leo’s cards: 10 of Cups & 8 of Swords

Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22

Did you know it actually makes you bummed to be free of responsibilities, Virgo? We are LOLing for you over here. Right now you’ve completed one idea on a high note and your new position hasn’t started yet. You’re sitting on a lot of time, a good dose of self-criticism, anxiety and a slight lack of creativity. There’s nothing regretful about taking deep care of those balcony tomato plants. There’s no danger in opening up your schedule to drink an iced coffee with your niece who is going through it. You don’t have to fix anything. Sharing your time with someone who needs a bit of TLC, is a good way to light your internal fire, Virgil.
Virgo’s cards: 7 of Cups & 4 of Cups

Libra Sep 23 – Oct 22

Libra, if you were wondering if things were ever going to ignite for you, the time is now, cousin. You’re going from an awkward pause to full tilt this week and next. Don’t let these top speeds frighten you, harmonious pal, you are beyond ready for all this. The weather is sweet, optimism is in the air, new friends are easy to meet and perhaps the time is right for love interests too.
Libra’s cards: 9 of Wands & Chariot

Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21

Scorps, it’s been a time, hasn’t it? Incredible and hellacious surprises have been your deal-a-meal in the last quarter. Big payouts and epic fails that came out of nowhere. Rather than using these recent financial and physical setbacks as your villain origin story, try wetting that dried up Sharpie and squeezing a few more of your marvy drawings onto the page. What I mean is, use your unique talents and animate the treasures you’ve amassed on Poshmark or use those connections to book yourself a contract designing festival posters. You have something very special, Scorpio, and not many have it. Don’t despair for too long and don’t waste your time on vengeance. You’re almost there.
Scorpio’s cards: Hermit & 7 of Pentacles

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21

Sag, this time period is hella karmic for you. If the last few years (read forever) have been a time of you doing good deeds and being a bastion of kindness and service, Summer 22 has you receiving the blessings you’ve been seeking under every broken-down Datsun and misaligned threesome. Sagittarius, you open minded sweetheart, your time is now. If, however, you’ve been the reckless aggressor & disruptor at Planning & Housing Committee Meetings, you’re going to find your seat taken and the bocce courts you were trying to save paved neatly over and named after your dearly departed lifelong enemy. The July Full Moon promises a big dose of “what for” if you’ve been the problem. And a dionysian reward if you’ve been the little lost lamb of late. Good luck, Sage!
Sagittarius’s cards: Wheel of Fortune & The World

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 19

Thank Universe you muscled through the minutiae already, Cappy. This July Full Moon continues to bless you with a New Start. No more Uno Reverse Cards. This time, through great effort and months of hustle, you’re in the winner’s seat. This gives you time to actually be nice for once, LOL. The credits are beginning to roll on hard times for you. Tender Capricorn, it’s a great time to nourish yourself with free time and be grateful that there’s still breath in your body. Go ahead and love up your key people. And be amazed how much you’ve learned from one of the worst times in your life.
Capricorn’s cards: Queen of Cups & Magician

Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18

We get it, Aquarius, you’re an international sensation. But really, this jetsetting shit has got to stop. You have numerous contracts on hold, an inbox full of unfulfilled orders and you’re managing a major move when you return. Ummm, what are you doing, Lucky Star?! You’re the boss, it’s true and the perfect punctuation to a season of drab is la bella vita. I’m just wondering if your unrestrained activities are going to get in the way of your actual goals. It’s possible to get trapped by freedom, prima. And I fear you’re walking right into that trap.
Aquarius’s cards: 8 of Wands & 8 of Swords

Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20

“Lay, lady, lay, Lay across my big brass bed…” That was your plan for July and August, Pisces, but things are working out to be a bit more intense than that. Business is at the centre of your life this summer and therefore, lovemaking and cat naps will have to wait. You may not react emotionally well to a strict schedule, Mutable One, but physically you actually thrive with a timetable, a finicky spider plant and a pet that needs diabetes meds. A step-by-step process of sustained labour will actually get you past the major upset that’s happening adjacent to you. Therefore, cleave to that timeline, Pisces, it’s saving you from donating your money, time and energy to a hopeless case.
Pisces’s Cards: The Hanged Man & 7 of Pentacles

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