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Nicole Brydon Bloom, Giles Matthey, Taylor Nichols directed by David Marmor

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The Last Porno Show

Nathanael Chadwick, Victoria Dunsmore, Frank D’Angelo directed by Kire Paputts

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The Mindfulness Movement

Documentary directed by Robert Beemer

Hot Docs At Home

Tammy’s Always Dying

Anastasia Phillips, Felicity Huffman, Clark Johnson directed by Amy Jo Johnson

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This Is Not A Movie

Documentary directed by Yung Chang

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Hot Docs at Home

Available May 5

The Assistant

Julia Garner, Matthew Macfadyen, Makenzie Leigh directed by Kitty Green

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Viktoria Miroshnichenko, Vasilisa Perelygina, Andrey Bykov directed by Kantemir Balagov

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Disappearance At Clifton Hill

Tuppence Middleton, Hannah Gross, Eric Johnson directed by Albert Shin

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Extra Ordinary

Maeve Higgins, Barry Ward, Will Forte directed by Mike Ahearn and Enda Loughman

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Steve Coogan, David Mitchell, Isla Fisher directed by Michael Winterbottom

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Ordinary Love

Liam Neeson, Lesley Manville, David Wilmot directed by Lisa Barros D’sa and Glenn Leyburn

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Robert The Bruce

Angus Macfadyen, Anna Hutchison, Zach McGowan directed by Richard Gray

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Saint Frances

Kelly O’Sullivan, Ramona Edith-Williams, Jim True-Frost directed by Alex Thompson

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Sorry We Missed You

Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Katie Proctor directed by Ken Loach

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Disc recommendation of the week

The Grand Budapest Hotel 

(Criterion, Blu-ray and DVD)

Wes Anderson’s eccentric, melancholy 2014 masterwork – starring Ralph Fiennes as an unflappable hotel concierge who negotiates matters great and trifling at his bourgeois resort while a war rumbles at the gates – was always going to end up in the Criterion Collection. He’s a favourite of the label, and the feeling is clearly mutual the filmmaker has provided a trove of new material for the supplements of this special edition, giving his most ambitious project the showcase it deserves. In addition to the extras from the existing Fox Blu-ray, Criterion’s disc offers a new making-of documentary, featurettes on the film’s effects, music, miniature work and shifting aspect ratios, a selection of storyboard animatics and a commentary with Anderson, frequent collaborator Roman Coppola, co-star Jeff Goldblum and critic Kent Jones. And six years on, the film remains one of the director’s finest: a lyrical period fantasy that just gets richer, and sadder, the more you revisit it.


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