Grey Oceans (Sub Pop)

Rating: NN

Only CocoRosie’s most diehard fans and the most patient of listeners will likely enjoy the freak folk duo’s fourth album. There is much to get past: an annoying album cover featuring the Casady sisters wearing crystals and blue felt on their heads and sporting furry moustaches their possessed-child-in-a-horror-movie-meets-Joanna-Newsom voices the incongruous blend of opera and hip-hop those mystical lyrics.


But there are also moments that effectively translate the impenetrable one-of-a-kind world the sisters inhabit, moments only they could conjure and deliver – like the pained, gentle refrain at the end of Trinity’s Crying, Lemonade’s suddenly energetic chorus, Grey Oceans’ elegant piano lines, Gallows’ unnerving harp and howling wind, the soulful intro to Here I Come.

Occasionally beautiful, often irritating.

Top track: Lemonade

CocoRosie play the Opera House June 15.

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