Rating: N As recent signees to Chad Kroeger's 604 Records, Quebec City's.

Rating: N

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As recent signees to Chad Kroeger’s 604 Records, Quebec City’s the Suits XL probably think they’ve made it. A mainstream power player like Kroeger and a label with national distribution and successful releases would, in most cases, translate into success. However, Suits XL are missing one very important thing: good songs. Of course, that hasn’t stopped Kroeger, so it might not mean much for these guys. The record is filled with cheesy, 2005-era Backstreet Boys pop. It would have been perfect for the Hilary Duff crowd two years ago, but now the band will be hard-pressed to find any sort of audience. There’s really nothing to like here — not even one mildly interesting hook that could have at least shown the band’s potential. The Suits XL play the Mod Club tonight (Thursday, August 17).

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