These New Puritans

Rating: NNNN

Well, where the fuck did this come from? When These New Puritans played NXNE in the summer of 2008, it seemed inevitable that they’d be the latest in a line of flash-in-the-pan post-Bloc Party UK indie bands to repackage the Fall and Gang of Four for the Pitchfork generation.


Here we are not even two years later and the band has taken a huge leap forward. Or, more accurately, sideways. Nothing in the angular post-punk of 08’s Beat Pyramid suggested the band was capable of something this novel. No longer relying on staccato guitars and synths, the songs build around symphonic brass, woodwinds, 6-foot Japanese taiko drums and M.I.A.-sized hip-hop beats.

Imagine a mix between classical and dubstep, then imagine it performed by three 20-somethings from Essex and you’re partway there.

Top track: Attack Music

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