Cadillac Lounge is not closing after all

The building had been sold in principle, but after months of delays and goodbyes the Parkdale bar and music venue is not going anywhere

Here’s the latest in the ongoing will-they/won’t-they close story of the Parkdale bar and live music venue Cadillac Lounge: they won’t. Cadillac Lounge is not closing. At least not yet. 

After first reporting the long-standing bar was “winding down” a year ago, then that it had been sold and would reopen with a new name, then that the reopening of what-would-be-called Blind Faith was delayed, now owner Sam Grosso has decided – reluctantly – to keep the Cadillac Lounge open indefinitely. 

Grosso reportedly got tired of waiting for the new owners to come up with the money for the sale. Following many false goodbye parties and extensions, he’s decided to keep the bar open, pink Cadillac sign and all. “I have decided to carry on, put everything back together and bring back the Cadillac Lounge,” he writes in a note on Facebook. “The live music. The great southern BBQ. The craft brews and Saturday night karaoke. The mimosas and brunch on the patio. All of it.”

Read his full message below:

A message to our friends and fans of the Cadillac Lounge,

I think by now many of you have figured out that there was a reason for our many goodbyes over the last few months. We’ve all been singin’ the blues about missing ‘The Caddy’ for so long that we should be up for our own Maple Blues Award any day now…

Thinking back, there was still snow on the ground when I first talked with Brad Wheeler about putting the Cadillac Lounge up for sale. And we were optimistic when we found a buyer who seemed to love this sweet spot on Queen West as much as we do.

Despite us granting the buyer many extensions and concessions, they couldn’t come up with the cash at closing. I was actually called in Tuesday morning to sign closing papers and on my way in I was informed by lawyers to not bother coming in so after many setbacks, the real estate deal has finally fallen apart and I have lost my patience. my staff has stuck with me and I need to keep them in mind as well as my family

Rather than close up shop altogether, with the support of my family and loyal staff, I have decided to carry on, put everything back together and bring back the Cadillac Lounge.

The live music.

The great southern BBQ.The craft brews and Saturday night karaoke.The mimosas and brunch on the patio.

All of it.

I invite you back to the Cadillac Lounge. Please make a point of coming by, especially this summer. We miss you all and would love to have a chat. Remember old times. Make some new memories.

Let’s make the best of the time we have left together.

P.S. – The building is still for sale, and or the space is for lease so if you know anyone in the market for a presence in Parkdale, please bring them by and introduce us!

So after all that, the Cadillac Lounge gets to stretch out its goodbye tour a little longer. Enjoy it while you can, though. It’s still for sale. | @trapunski

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