Dougie Boom (aka Dig Doug)


Rating: NNNNN

WHAT DOES HE PLAY? “Mostly electro and ghetto house, but whatever bangs the party: B-more, 80s, booty. To be effective is the main objective.” If he lost you in the first few genres, basically it means raw, sleazy, underground dance music.

WHERE CAN I SEE HIM? Tonight (Thursday, February 22) at the Social (1100 Queen West), Wednesday (February 28) at the Beaconsfield (1154 Queen West), March 3 at the Tiger Bar (414 College) and March 10 at White Orchid (812 Dundas West). He’s a regular at most Dmoney-affiliated events, including Fuck Faces, Full Effect, Next Party and Bloody Murder.

HOW DID HE START OUT? “My first DJ gig was at a fetish party (of all things) at a bar on King. I was 18 and underage, but it wasn’t my scene, and I got grief for playing some hiphop. Before that, it was just collecting records and playing at house parties and such.”



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