The Bird And The Bee


Rating: NNN

Don’t be alarmed by the label – Blue Note hasn’t released a real jazz record in ages. Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future is just another quirky retro-pop outing for producer Greg Kurstin and singer/sidekick-for-hire Inara George.


The strange thing is that George’s timbre, phrasing and inflections here are exactly like Eleni Mandell’s, which may seem unlikely unless you know they’ve been working together in the side project the Living Sisters. In any case, George makes the most of her new moves, toning things down slightly for a softer, sweeter delivery, while Kurstin cuts loose with the effects and gimmickry that he couldn’t use on Lily Allen’s recording for fear of confusing her tween audience.

There’s not a lot to get excited about, but it’s a catchy enough confection that should work well in gadget commercials, which was likely the whole point.

Top track: Ray Gun



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