Toronto’s Top 10 Mixtapes

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Drake Comeback Season

Looks like a mixtape but sounds as good as an album. Believe the hype – Drake is doing everything right on this scorching collection of America-conquering Canadian hip-hop. Kardinal, Clipse, Lil Wayne, Little Brother, Dwele all bring their A-game, and Drake’s witty lyricism could cut diamonds. Simply excellent.

DJ Law Northern Exposure

One of the greatest Canadian mixtapes of all-time, bar none. Over two dozen 90s-era pioneer hip-hop hits are reimagined by Canada’s new-millennium MCs and hosted by Mastermind. Absolutely essential.

Empire S.A.R.S. [Sick Artists Runnin’ Shit] The Series 1-6

This disgustingly talented crew has been assembling a Tony Touch, 50-MC-style street-hop swarm of showcases for years. A particular favourite: Vol. 2, where Adam Bomb permanently steals Freeway’s What We Do with his jaw-dropping flow.

DJ Mastermind Vol. 50 Street Legal

Former Energy 108 rap radio king DJ Mastermind was making amazing mixed tapes (literally, cassettes) before RZA brainstormed Serato. This Virgin-sponsored affair blends the borders like few others, certifying Mastermind as a groundbreaking DJ in the golden era of Canadian hip-hop.

Rich Kidd We On Some Rich Kidd Shit 2

Hard to choose between his head-spinning production pieces, but the second instalment deserves a salute for its introduction of Saukrates’s 2999 gem. A gallery of shining and rising rogues.

Mayhem Morearty Back To The Future

A monumental cross-community achievement. One of the rawest voices of the streets drops this double album/DVD slab of concrete Mobb Deep thoughts, with an all-star cast. A must-have.


Eternia Where I’m At

More than a simple mixtape, this album-like conceptual journey is a critically acclaimed, star-studded affair. Eternia tears up beat after beat between comedic and insightful answering machine messages.

JD Era/DJ Wristpect Coming To America

Tag Records rhyme champion JD Era’s latest establishes him confidently on this Eddie Murphy-inspired mixtape featuring Drake, Choclair, Solitaire and D-Sisive. He proves he’s got quotables for days, and flows for weeks. Word to Arsenio Hall.

Hand’Solo Records Hokey Religions & Ancient Weapons

If you’re into forward-thinking, next-level Canadian hip-hop, your collection is incomplete without this historic collection. Buck 65, Fritz the Cat, Eternia, DJ Moves, Birdapres, Sixtoo, Moka Only, Mindbender, Epic… the list goes on. Welcome to the future of Canuck funk.

Kardinal Offishall

Kardinal Offishall w/ Clinton Sparks Do The Right Thing

The classic Spike Lee-inspired cover, the plethora of classic 90s-era hip-hop bangers that Kardinal chomps into with relentless energy, and the official first-time-ever appearance of Akon rapping (on Graveyard Shift) all make this cross-border collab a trailblazing moment in mixtape history. Arguably better than his well-loved Kill Bloodclott Bill joint. Addi Stewart

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