Toronto Coun. Brad Bradford is officially running for mayor, but it’s off to a rough start

Toronto Councillor Brad Bradford announces he is running for mayor. (Courtesy: @bradfordgrams/Instagram)


The suspicions are now confirmed, Toronto Councillor Brad Bradford is running for mayor. He will join several other mayoral candidates competing for the city’s top job. 

The 36-year-old represents Ward 19 Beaches-East York and has been on council since 2018, as one of the youngest members of council. 

The councillor has been an advocate for increasing affordability and access to housing, making streets safer, and revitalizing Toronto’s main streets.

Bradford verified his intentions to run early Wednesday morning, just one day after he posted a 90-second video on Twitter drawing attention to the rise of violence on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

He begins the video acknowledging the murder of 16-year-old  Gabriel Magalhaes who was fatally stabbed in an unprovoked attack at Keele Subway Station on Mar. 25. He then proceeds to discuss the issues surrounding the TTC and the safety measures he believes are needed to improve the transit system. 

“We are grappling, as a city, with folks who have mental health challenges, substance abuse, poverty, all of that is playing out on the TTC. What are we doing about it? It is taking way too long,” Bradford said in the video.

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“There is a $15-million emergency safety fund available at the TTC and we need to get those dollars translated into supports today. We also need to work with the federal and provincial government to make sure that we have long-term sustainable funding for those supports,” he added. 


Since posting the video, the urban planner has received some criticism for his remarks. Critics are saying his timing was inappropriate and his message was hypocritical considering he voted in favour of TTC service cuts in the 2023 budget approved in February. 

Some users went as far to say he’s only using the TTC as a propaganda tool and a photo opportunity for his mayoral run. 

Bradford is not new to the PR facilitated stunt allegations. Last month, the councillor posted a video at Patty King during a trip to Scarborough. 

Some people called him out for not enjoying the patty, and questioned if he ever stepped foot in Scarborough before.

Bradford plans to file his candidacy papers on Monday. The election for mayor is slated for June 26. 



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