Ben Spurr


Ben Spurr

Long-time cradle of the city's most marginalized braces for development that critics say is already pushing poor people out Read more

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John Tory has Austin envy after visiting SXSW Read more

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Five good decisions John Tory has made Read more


From taxing double-talk and borrowing terrible ideas Read more

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Ben Spurr

Mayor spars briefly with Rob Ford as fiscal plan gets near unanimous support Read more

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First day of council meeting featured a protest, a bag of dog poop, and a hilarious Rob Ford typo Read more


The controversial group's most enduring legacy likely has nothing to do with the Middle East Read more

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Major project at Bloor and Bathurst would contain 1000 units, all of them rental housing Read more

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"These two guys in their 20s decided it would be a good idea to dig a hole to hang out in" Read more

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Loss of 124-bed Hope Shelter could frustrate recent efforts to reduce crowding in the hostel system Read more

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Former radio host not in court as lawyers set date for next stage of sexual assault trial Read more

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Fire chief says the city is well equipped, but a 20-year-old report obtained by island airport expansion foes is raising red flags about emergency preparedness at the airfield Read more

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Company picked to manage construction of contentious project even though it's still being studied Read more


Underground chamber was sophisticated and secret, but cops don't know what it was for Read more

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bloor bike lanes.jpg

Courtesy Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation.

Study of major cycling project was supposed to start last fall, but city staff quietly put it on the back burner Read more

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New report breaks down the amount of cash Toronto has decided to flush down the toilet Read more

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Ben Spurr

Experts say new mayor is already taking markedly different approach to fighting inequality than his predecessor Read more



Ben Spurr

Mayor targets money for SmartTrack on first official trip to capital Read more


City's top bureaucrat Joe Pennachetti at odds with Mayor John Tory, wants authority to negotiate with province for more revenue tools Read more

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Transit agency releases suicide statistics as council weighs whether to spend over a billion dollars on platform edge doors Read more

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