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Only the first stanza of John Stafford Smith’s composition makes up the anthem – other stanzas of the song recognizing the birth of a nation expose the hypocrisy of slavery that lie at its core more


These days there are plenty of Trump-inspired #MakeOntarioGreatAgain Joe Blows on social media contributing to a radical anti-Muslim shift in the political discourse in Canada more


Time for everyone to lose their illusions. Facts don’t matter anymore, folks. It’s the Ford shit show now. more


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Tony Chu

The writer/director on his acclaimed movie's prescient story, leftist movements and why the U.S. needs a general strike more

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The depths to which humanity can sink is seemingly a lesson we have not learned from history more


For those of us living in the bubble known as downtown Toronto, last Thursday’s majority win for Ford’s PCs was a shock to values we thought we shared with other Ontarians – welcome to the new normal in politics. more



T.J. Kirkpatrick/Showtime

Director Liz Garbus and the team behind the four-part doc series about The New York Times talk transparency in the age of Trump more

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Jack Bryan's doc examines connections between Donald Trump and Russia more


Smart and often silly documentary looks at rise of Donald Trump from the perspective of the Russian Federation more


From Donald Trump and the alt-right movement to police brutality and cyber-bullying, these much-anticipated films promise to examine hot-button more

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Parkland, Florida shooting massacre spawns new movement on gun control in the United States similar to the 60s backlash to the Vietnam War after the Kent State University shooting more


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As mad, murderous and self-aggrandizing as he is, a comparison to the fall of Caligula would be apt if impeachment should ever come to pass more



Shealah Craighead/White House

The neo-conservative pundit's take down of the U.S. president has blind spots, but his book provides fascinating insight into government corruption more


Golden Globes 2018

Hollywood Foreign Press Association

As the #MeToo movement gained momentum, the harasser-in-chief’s name was not mentioned once at the Golden Globe Awards more

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Samuel Engelking

In Toronto interview, mayor of U.S. town hit by alt-right terror last summer says there’s reason for political optimism in the age of Trump more




Of all of the waves Trump is making over renegotiation of the trade deal, ending the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism is one issue environmentalists can agree on more


The better option for Doug would have been to run for the PCs in Etobicoke North, but the PCs don't want him more


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The fallout from the “Unite The Right” chaos in Charlottesville has turned into something quite unexpected: a wake-up call for Conservatives, but only a purge of the Harper-era old guard will save the party from itself more


Toronto-based activist journalist takes on corporate media's (and her own) Donald Trump addiction, Trudeau's arms build-up and how NDP leadership contenders are missing a Bernie Sanders-style opportunity more