Omar Khadr

For Canadians in the "hang ‘em high" camp, the former child soldier is viewed as a traitor and deserves no pity, but it's important to remove emotion and analyze the actual facts of his case. Read more



Jonathan Goldsbie

Those who regularly harass the Muslim community have been able to get away with saying virtually anything under Ontario's anti-SLAPP laws, but not anymore Read more


Canadians could be forgiven for being confused about how their fellow citizens really feel about Khadr's payout, especially if they were among those relying on the recent Angus Reid poll that launched the Cons' latest anti-Muslim campaign Read more

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Don Pratt

The Lebanese-born former Carleton University professor has been in pre-trial detention in France without charge since 2014, despite recent calls for his release from Amnesty International and others Read more


To call Khadr a terrorist or murderer is ludicrous in the extreme – the incident that led to his capture was clearly a firefight with distinct combatants on both sides. Nobody was out to terrorize anybody. Read more

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Plus: Hogtown Vegan holds Bloorcourt Read more

Letters To The Editor

Plus: Twisted portraits of transgender norms Read more

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Perhaps now Canadians grounded in over a decade’s worth of the Harper government's war on terror will rethink not only Khadr's case, but also those of other young people who are the focus of a related moral panic Read more

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