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Each year, more than 3,000 people in Canada die of influenza or complications as a result of the flu, but we don’t see equal amounts of media coverage on influenza fatalities Read more

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Hundreds touched by the deaths of friends and family members showed up at Queen's Park last Tuesday (April 16) as part of We Still Grieve: Toronto's National Day of Action on the overdose crisis. Read more




We have graphic warning labels on cigarette packages, so why not labels on meat-based foods and other high carbon-emission products and services that are killing people? Read more


The Ford government's plan to eliminate paid sick days and reduce access to personal emergency leave has far-reaching implications for the health of every resident in Ontario Read more


The social determinants of health, like access to public transit and what food we can afford to eat, are bring increasingly determined by where we live in Toronto Read more


“The current approach to drug use actually worsens the situation because it forces people into unsafe drug practices and it actually prevents people from getting help,” says medical officer of health Eileen de Villa Read more


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Research suggests social factors such as income inequality and working conditions have more to do with unhealthy lifestyles than diets and physical activity Read more

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Harm reduction workers on the front line of fentanyl-fuelled overdose epidemic say it’s time for the federal government to start having open discussions about legalizing hard drugs, including access to prescription heroin Read more

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...and will cost the province millions for drugs for treatable diseases like Hepatitis C Read more

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If the city proceeds with a proposal to open three downtown supervised injection services, lives will be saved. Full stop. Read more

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