Susan G. Cole

Susan G. Cole interviews Affinity Konar, author of MISCHLING on November 2nd at Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto! more

NOW in the media

Susan G. Cole interviews Michael Coren about his new book Epiphany: A Christian's Change of Heart & Mind over Same-Sex Marriage on May 16th at North York Central Library! more

NOW in the media

Susan G. Cole hosts BURST: New Voices in Canadian Literature at Pages Unbound Festival on May 6th at AGO's Jackman Hall! more

NOW in the media

Micah White, co-creator and driving force behind 'Occupy Wall Street' talks with Susan G. Cole on March 17th at Toronto Reference Library! more

NOW in the media

This month's TIFF Critics Night guest, Susan G. Cole introduces a screening of Mustang on January 26th! more

NOW in the media

Win a pair of tickets to see non-fiction writer Åsne Seierstad in conversation with NOW's Susan G. Cole on October 28th at Lakeside Terrace! more

Art & Books

Birding memoir takes $20,000 prize for excellence in writing by an Ontario author more


Here are some titles, published over the last year, to be proud of more



Makeda Zook by Rachel Jobson/Sadie Epstein-Fine by Amy Gottlieb

Collection of essays by people brought up in queer families is bold, inspiring, and sometimes heartbreaking more


Meredith Willson’s paean to the power of music strikes a chord at Stratford more


Andrea Horwath

Michael Watier

The Orange wave is nowhere near cresting, with the NDP doubling their number of seats and coming extremely close – within 500 votes – to beating the PCs in half a dozen ridings more


Griffin Prize 2018.jpeg

Tom Sandler

This year's winner proves the award is committed to celebrating new voices more


Documentary tracking a war crimes trial packs a ton of info and issues into a powerful pic more


Morgan Neville’s film shows how the TV icon fearlessly dealt with profound issues on his show for preschoolers more



Yuula Benivolski

The Toronto author on learning to listen, Afro-pessimism and poetic anger more


Celebrate these writers for their contributions, but know that new generations of writers, with women leading the way, are creating new priorities more


Doc about queer Swedish rapper Silvana Imam could be this year's Chavela more


But, unlike in his Oscar winning A Fantastic Woman, Sebastián Lelio doesn’t convey the essence of his central character’s inner conflict more


An ambitious young activist must come to grips with her personal idol in the author's wily new novel, The Female Persuasion more


Local director takes down Hollywood's now most famous abuser of power for sexual gain – but drops the ball on the #MeToo movement more

Interviews & Features

From Disobedience, featuring Rachels Weisz and McAdams as Orthodox Jewish women in love, to the doc about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this year's TJFF screens many much-anticipated films more

, Interviews & Features


Cylla von Tiedemann

Evan Placey's exploration of teen girls’ development of consciousness needs to take a breath more


Sheila_Heti_Seth Fluker.JPG

Seth Fluker

Toronto author Sheila Heti's novel Motherhood goes deep into one of life's major questions more


The Handmaid's Tale

Courtesy of Bell Media

The dystopian series based on Margaret Atwood's book is back for season two and the outlook for Elisabeth Moss's protagonist is bleak more



Samuel Engelking

Director Maya Gallus’s timely film shows how gifted women are transforming kitchen culture and grappling with its hierarchies and misogyny more

Interviews & Features

One of the biggest names in American photography gets the documentary treatment more