Tokyo Smoke

This stylish cannabis accessory is made from hand-blown glass that's tinted purple for spring. Read more


Rolling joints as a beginner can be tough, but this tool can help you roll a perfect spliff every time Read more


Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, it's time to treat your friends and family to that holiday high with vapes, candles and funky pipes. Read more

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Elevate your cannabis consumption with this handmade ceramic pipe by Toronto's High Noon for Tokyo Smoke. Read more


The Toronto marijuana lifestyle store is offering classes to the public ahead of Canada's cannabis legalization. Read more


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Natalia Manzocco

With food by DaiLo, Khao San Road, Los Colibris and many more Read more


With licensed producers barred from advertising and marketing, strategic collaboration with Canadian licensed producer WeedMD affords association with a recognizable brand for women Read more

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Does the controversy over a $13,000 space-age water pipe signal the takeover of stoner culture by big-money hipster trendsetters? Read more