NOW What episode 19: Meet the filmmaker who ate local in the Yukon for a year

The pandemic has driven Hot Docs online this year, and in a special series of podcasts over the length of the festival, NOW senior film writer Norm Wilner will be talking to filmmakers about their projects and the issues behind them.

In this episode, director Suzanne Crocker discusses her new film First We Eat, in which she challenged her husband and children to spend a year eating only locally sourced food. And since they live in Dawson City, that meant learning to hunt, fish and forage in scarce conditions … because there’s not a lot that grows there.

NOW What is twice-weekly podcast explores the ways Torontonians are coping with life in the time of coronavirus. New episodes of NOW What will be released every Tuesday and Friday the next Hot Docs conversation arrives Sunday (May 31). Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, listen on Spotify or just play it below. And remember, we’re all in this together.


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