60% of Canadians think couples should split the bill on Valentine’s Day: survey

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Love is not fully in the air for Canadians.

Nearly 70 per cent of Canadians don’t think Valentine’s Day is a real holiday, according to a nationwide survey.  

However, despite so many not acknowledging  Feb. 14 for its relevance, the majority still plan on celebrating the day of love. 

But here is where things get tricky. Although Canadians are willing to drag their feet to dinner, many aren’t prepared to foot the bill on their own.

Time2play survey

In fact, 60 per cent believe couples should split the bill on a date. Additionally, 70 per cent say both partners should equally plan dates together.

Luckily, the option to skip a fancy date night was welcomed, with almost 40 per cent of respondents preferring a romantic evening at home where they can cook a meal together and enjoy a movie night instead.

More than 30 per cent want to go out for dinner, 15.3 per cent want to do an activity and only 12.4 per cent want to get away for the weekend.

Interestingly, a meager 1.8 per cent want to go see a movie in theatres.  

The survey also asked how much Canadians were willing to spend on Valentine’s Day. 

Time2play survey

British Columbia came out on top as the biggest spenders and plan on dropping an average of nearly $130. They were quickly followed by Quebec residents who plan on spending $115.

Ontarians came in fourth place with an average budget of nearly $105.

The province that will be spending the least this year is New Brunswick, who were only willing to fork out an average of $60 for the special occasion, according to the survey.   

The survey polled 1,000 Canadians in Jan. 2023. All respondents were in a relationship, engaged, or married at the time of the survey. 

The average age of respondents was 35 years old, and 58 per cent were women, 39.3 per cent were men, and 2.7 per cent identified as non-binary.   

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