Astrology dating app is here to pair star-crossed lovers


If you’ve ever tried to wrangle someone’s birth time and place out of them within the first few minutes of conversation, NUiT might be the dating platform for you. The astrology-focused dating app lets users view potential matches’ birth charts and gauge their astrological compatibility.

When new users sign up for NUiT, they add in info like time and place of birth in order for the app to generate their chart Users can also add in how much they know about astrology – from a little to a lot – and stipulate what kind of relationships they’re looking for.

After that, the app presents users with potential matches. In addition to seeing the usual “about me” info and photos, you can also see their birth chart (if they don’t choose to hide it) and their astrological compatibility with you, using an algorithm the app’s creators designed in consultation with astrologers.

Users can see seven matches at a time and can decline, “star” (or approve), or just ignore them. Note that the app won’t only show you people you have “high” compatibility with – it just presents you with compatibility info if you seek it out.

The app has also earned plenty of praise from queer users (and not just because we tend to be more into astrology than your average bear). You can list your gender as male, female or nonbinary, with more self-identification options on the way. You can also pick your orientation from a wide range of options, including bi, pan, ace, heteroflexible/homoflexible, questioning and demisexual.

Most popular among LGBTQ+ users, though, has been the option to tell the app “I don’t want to see or be seen by straight people”. (Cue a million prospective unicorns breathing a heavy sigh of relief.)

The app also does double duty as a regular horoscope app, offering horoscopes and birth chart info. You can check out NUiT here.




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