Kid Sister

Ultraviolet (Downtown)

Rating: NN

It’s been a rags-to-riches ride for Melisa Young, also known as Kid Sister. In a matter of three years, she went from selling baby clothing and being on the dole to rubbing elbows with Kanye West, Diplo, Estelle and A-Trak, who executive-produced Ultraviolet, her full-length debut.


The album has gone through its own rough ride. Originally titled Dream Date, it kept missing deadlines. Depending on who you ask, it was either the label’s fault for not hearing an obvious single or A-Trak’s for needing time to adapt Kid Sister’s gritty yet cheery rapping into marketable, fluffy, repetitive electro.

The electro faction fails hard on Big N Bad, a friendly dancehall rap laid over Yaz’s Don’t Go. The edge Kid Sis had going on 2008’s Pro Nails is a distant memory. She hits rock bottom on the repetitive, bland Daydreaming. It really does feel like a daydream, this whole idea of crowning a new female rap queen.

Top track: Right Hand Hi

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