Twelve Steps (Plant Music)

Rating: NNN

Washington, DC-based DJ/producer Tittsworth is best known for bringing the sounds of Baltimore club music out of the underground and onto the music nerd blogs and hipster party scene. Ignoring for a second any issues of cultural appropriation and authenticity, that rough and raunchy combination of hip-hop, house, booty and copyright-flouting samples has been one of the dominant new trends in dance music in the past couple of years (even if the original Bmore form has been around for at least 15 years).

The problem with trying to stretch this out to a full-length album is that it’s the kind of sound that works best at a bootleg level. It’s the friction between snippets of easily recognized pop tunes and brutally raw booty beats and lyrics that makes the form work in the club. Here he’s put the samples on the back burner (presumably to avoid lawsuits) and instead concentrated on stacking most of the tracks with MCs, including DJ Assault, Kid Sister, Pitbull and more. The results are mixed – a few brilliantly sleazy moments but too few to make this album as good as we’d hoped.

Tittsworth performs Friday (September 26) at Wrongbar.

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