Goodbye, CHRY

Toronto is losing one of its most diverse radio stations.

Rumours began flying on Friday morning, May 1, that CHRY 105.5FM, located in York University’s Student Centre at 4700 Keele, was shutting down. And though the station still hasn’t made the news public, CHRY radio host  Mathieu Pression confirmed to NOW that the station is undergoing major changes.

“CHRY isn’t dead, per se, but we were informed last night and this morning that all volunteers were no longer needed,” says the host of the French-language punk show Sous Pression. “We were also told that CHRY was now called VIBE 105.5FM, and would focus on the ‘urban alternative’ genre of music.

“We didn’t have any warning,” he continues. “The station had been working on improving broadcast quality and on its branding, but this totally came out of nowhere.”

Pression was told more details were forthcoming.

Calls to the station went unanswered and were forwarded to a voice mailbox that was full.

The station’s demise is a huge loss for a city as multicultural as Toronto. CHRY’s slogan is “Your leading source for diversity.” You could hear shows in French, Tamil, Italian, Tagalog, Twi, Hebrew and many other languages. 

There was a heavy focus on queer programming, social justice and multiculturalism thanks to shows like Queer Currents, Radio Migrante, Caribbean Crucible and the Planet X Wake-Up Show, to name just a few.

Does Toronto need another station dedicated to “urban” and “alternative” music? | @carlagillis 

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