The Von Bondies


Rating: NN

It’ll take more than getting punched out by Jack White and dropped by his record label to stop Jason Stollsteimer from foisting his mediocre music on the public. The only people certain to make a profit from the release of this long-delayed album are the shrewd entrepreneurs behind the “I Beat Up Jason Stollsteimer” T-shirts.


Love, Hate And Then There’s You isn’t entirely devoid of entertainment value – Stollsteimer’s misguided attempts to replicate the successful sound of the Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, the Strokes and other alt-rock radio staples at the time these songs were conceived turns out to be quite funny, however unintentional the humour. Best of all is the White Stripes parody She’s Dead To Me, for which our boy screams out threats in a perfect Jack White sneer only an ex-friend could deliver. Can’t wait for the rematch.

Top track: She’s Dead To Me

The Von Bondies hit the Horseshoe February 13.



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